Customer Review from Kentucky

Group leader of a party of four

We just got back from the trip of a lifetime, golfing in Scotland. Faraway Fairways delivered a phenomenal package, that included multiple world top 100 courses. The organization and service provided were both top notch. Can’t say enough about Alun and his team!!

Eight person party from Ohio

Played Ireland and Scotland, in May 2024

Hi Alun, I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in putting together such a memorable trip itinerary.  Your total attention to detail just amazed me.  We loved all of the places you reserved for us to stay as well as the best of the best golf courses.  It was simply a delightful experience for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

You are a true professional in every way.

At about the same time as above we received emails from two members of the same party

Hi Alun, I just wanted to thank you for everything, everything ran very smoothly. From the transport drivers to the hotel people and all the golf course staff everyone treated us with first class. I remember when I first inquired about doing this trip you told me you would make it work and you did. I heard nothing but great things about you from the hotels and drivers. You told me our trip had a world class itinerary, it sure was, golf courses were amazing. Thanks again Alun, Cheers to you.

Hi Alun, This is (name supplied).  I was part of the 8 person XXXX Golf Group (name supplied) that visited Ireland-Scotland over the course of 9 days and played 8 rounds of golf.

I was skeptical pre-trip of pulling this off since we made this trip more difficult for you by requesting transport everywhere. I must say this trip was a pleasure to go on.  Aside from the wonderful golf courses, there was the stunning scenery and almost flawless logistics (including the trip briefing document).  I can’t thank you enough for the hard work that you and your team put in to make this trip come to fruition and come off as well as it did.

On a side note, since I was skeptical, this could have been construed as a knock against Faraway Fairways.  I must apologize for that and will now recommend Faraway Fairways to other interested golf travelers.

Best Regards,

Faraway Fairways Note – “almost flawless logistics” probably refers to a flight delay between Edinburgh and Belfast which squeezed things up a little bit (but we still made our Portrush tee-time)

Customer Review From Colorado.

The following Faraway Fairways Customer Review, April 2024 was written by a groups organiser of a party of eight. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies. Enjoy

Alun and Faraway Fairways created possibly the most memorable golf trip we have ever experienced.  EPIC is the only word that comes to mind.  Alun’s communication skills are impeccable which lends itself to a wonderful customer service experience not seen much these days.  Being able to create this kind of trip and tailor it to our specific objectives while keeping the fees as reasonable as possible is one of Alun’s fortes.  We will definitely return to Alun’s stewardship should we get to plan another hop across the pond and recommend him highly.

Additional comment from member of the same party

So I had huge expectations for this trip – and they were exceeded in every way! Absolutely a trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for all your hard work and incredible planning. I couldn’t be more grateful.