How Much Does a Scottish Golf Vacation Cost?

How long is a putt? Faraway Fairways explores the core components that go towards a price.


Faraway Fairways are UK based. We manage and run our own tours. We don’t need to sub-contract to a local delivery agent which should save you between 10-15%. Observing a UK overhead also allows us to charge a Scottish price


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Green Fees

These typically make about 50% of a programme (dependent on the accommodation choices). They vary however. The likes of Turnberry and Kingsbarns are expensive, whereas other top-100 courses such as Machrihanish, Cruden Bay and even North Berwick are relatively cheap. Something like a £200 difference in the spread. Surprisingly for many, the St Andrews Old Course is only top-10 in cost. It’s a long way from being the most expensive green fee in Scotland


Transport usually comes down to a decision between self-drive or chauffeur drive. The former will normally work out about £250 less expensive per person dependent on duration. Self drive is the option that most people choose. It gives you much more flexibility and independence

Fairmont hotel, St Andrews


For the most part these luxury selections are focused on resort hotels like Gleneagles, Turnberry, Carnoustie and St Andrews, or the top-range 'country house' hotels like Greywalls or Dalmahoy. In addition to these dedicated golf ‘resorts’, the large cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen also support international standard five-star hotels complete with all the trappings with which you’ll be familiar with.

Dalmahoy hotel, Edinburgh


If you require a degree of luxury that goes beyond ‘comfort’, but stops short of the ostentatious luxury, then we invite you to consider our first-class ‘premier’ options. These are normally 4-star hotels where you can expect the same international standards from this category band. To some extent you get the best of both worlds. There are also a plethora of 4-star hotels throughout the cities of Scotland.

Ardgowan hotel, St Andrews


If you adhere to the view that all you need from a room is: Somewhere to sleep, a comfortable bed, en-suite facilities, convenient and central location, good cleanliness, safe environment, attentive and friendly staff, and would rather have the money saved in your pocket …then you’ll be fine. These hotels are typically the sorts used by ‘Brits’, business travellers, or short duration/ weekend-breaks.

Castle Stuart 3rd

The Old Course Hotel St Andrews

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Green fees are static costs, accommodation is dynamic, and consequently the component with the most ‘noise’ in it. Accommodation is normally what determines the travel class category although you might also be able to achieve a sense of this through transport choices to a lesser degree as well

Faraway Fairways offer three bands. ‘Luxury’, ‘Premier’ and ‘Affordable’. We’ve tended to be extremely competitive in the affordable category. These travel class bands aren’t rigid however, we can mix ‘n’ match them if you want to. We have for instance had clients who wanted to use ‘affordable’ options to cross-subsidise a two night stay in a prestige Scottish castle etc


This is the smallest influence on price and can include just about anything in the pursuit of adding value. It can involve things like meals, but typically includes entry fees to visitor attractions or any special interest area. It only really becomes significant if you have any non-golfers in a party that need a complimentary programme of their own to run parallel to the golf. Even then, their activity will very rarely match a green fee for cost. They’d need to be salmon fishing to begin to compete with golf

Edinburgh Castle

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Size of party

Golf is really designed for multiples of four. This arrangement works best for self-drive transport as it shares the cost around, and even numbers also work best for accommodation, for most places are geared up to accept the twin room reservation of two people sharing. Some places do offer three to a room arrangements

The golfer who gets penalised the most naturally is the single. They have to absorb all the transport costs themselves, and whereas they might get a concession in accommodation disguised as a ‘single person supplement’ it’s rarely (if ever) pro-rata

Time of Year

Golf courses tend to operate a peak season summer rate that begins in May and ends in mid October. In between they play a shoulder season for about two weeks either side in April and late October where greens fees are typically reduced by about 33%. The winter season accounts for the rest and is normally half price

Accommodation providers also offer seasonal rates in line with revenue yield pricing strategies. These fall pretty much in line with what you would expect to see

St Andrews and Edinburgh are Scotland’s two most expensive destinations

Swilcan Bridge.

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Sample Itinerary - St Andrews

A local area programme predominantly focused on the the supporting courses of St Andrews is typically less expensive than those which seek to go all parts of the compass


Sample Itinerary - The 'Grand' Open Venues Tour

Duration, travel distance, and quality of the courses played all increase the price. The most expensive tour Faraway Fairways tries to run is that which seeks to take in every current Open venue in two weeks


Group Size

The number of golfers (and non-golfers) in a party can impact the cost


The Time of Year

The time of year is another big influence on price. Scotland observes three seasons in total



Most tour operators feed off the same portfolio of hotels, but Scotland has a surprising depth in her accommodation offer. It's worth taking a 2nd look to see if we can add to the experience


Are Guaranteed Tee-times worth it?

There's no definitive answer, but we lean towards 'probably not in most cases'. We look at the costs and alternatives.


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How cheap can we do a St Andrews golf vacation for without really damaging quality? and what compromises do we need to make ?


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