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For many golfers, a pilgrimage to Scotland borders on the spiritual. It’s true we have over a dozen links typically ranked inside the world’s top-100 courses. It’s equally true that they’re comparatively accessible, and in a piece of hallowed land about the size of South Carolina, but that’s not all. On top of a world class golf offer, introducing you to Scotland beyond her fairways is an important piece in the Faraway Fairways approach.

The 'Postage Stamp'

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Faraway Fairways

Faraway Fairways are an Anglo/ Scottish company and a comparatively recent addition to the golf tours landscape (2014). Sure, we aren’t the biggest outfit in town. You almost certainly know that already though. It perhaps means we’ve come in with a fresher pair of eyes and have tended to be less formulaic in our approach. It also tends to ensure that you get as much, or as little personal attention as you require. We we aren’t a chain beholden to a head office. Nor are we bound by any contracts that restrict where we can take you, or with whom we’re expected to place you.

Golf Plus Scotland

We probably can’t stress the value of this enough. Think of it as Faraway Fairways Golf Vacations plus Scotland, for when you subsequently come to compare notes about your Scottish golf experiences, those of you who adopted the wider view and embraced the country will be nearest the flag – promise! Don’t make the mistake of under-estimating the value of Golf ‘plus’ Scotland.

Castle Stuart 4th







North Berwick 15th

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The Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews

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A Homage to Caledonia

“Someday I hope to bring my grandchildren here to Scotland – not to show them what golf is but what golf isn’t – that it isn’t $200 million resorts and $200,000 membership fees, that it isn’t six hour rounds and three day member-guests, that it isn’t motorized buggies, Cuban cigars, and cashmere headcovers. It’s a game you play simply and honorably, without delay or complaint – where you respect your companions, respect the rules, and respect the ground you walk on. Where on the 18th green you remove your cap and shake hands, maybe just a little humbler and a little wiser than when you began.”

Famous golf writer George Peper summed addressing the Fife Golf Association. At Faraway Fairways, we’ve never read better

Reading The Right Line

After final payment clears, Faraway Fairways produce a full customised ‘Tour Briefing’ for you.

This contains all your booking references, tee-times, hotels, contact details, contact names and postcodes for GPS. In addition to this reference information we also produce a detailed travel plan. Each journey you undertake is stress tested. We use a specialist tool for calculating mileage, ‘road time’ and produce a schedule that tells you what time to leave X in order to arrive at Y, with about 40 minutes to spare. Finally, we include little tips and notes throughout to help you add value and avoid embarrassment

Kingsbarns 12th,

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Royal Birkdale

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A Local Price

Faraway Fairways handle our own enquiries and client groups. We charge a Scottish rate already, but we save you even more by not needing to sub-contract to a local agent and add another layer to the price. Sub-contracting to a local agent is a common industry practise. If you purchase a package in your own country of origin, then there’s a strong likelihood you’re paying twice. Once for the sale, and again for the delivery

One final thing that might be worth considering is the support you get should things begin to unfold in-situ. Booking with an operator on the same time zone as the country of delivery could be of benefit. It’s particularly helpful when we’re negotiating the ballot. We typically get a 45 minute window at the end of the day to make decisions in response to the draw

Signing Your Card

When we set up Faraway Fairways one of the early obstacles we faced, (using today’s corporate jargon) was a lack of social proofing. Sure, we were approached by a few on-line folk offering to sell us testimonials. We declined (golfer’s don’t tend to do dishonesty) but we lost a bit of business in those early days because of this. Slowly however, things began to take off. We can now present you some authentic testimonials, and to be honest, the personal references in them are something no ‘factory writer’ wouldn’t think to produce. The quality of the support photography is definitely that of a golfer too. Further proof of origin!

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St Andrews castle course'

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Alun's focus on the details was extraordinary from the choice of courses and the timing of the tee times, the amazingly beautiful accommodations along with some excellent meal selections, and the transportation options he provided to get us from place to place. It was truly a wonderful experience and even though I initially viewed the trip as a bucket list “once in a lifetime” experience”


South Carolina

Alun Davies is a master travel caddie. His attention to detail, and ability to give wise counsel is exceptional. Every step of my trip was expertly planned. The circumstances of my trip required at least a dozen major changes prior to departure. Alun not only stuck with me, he negotiated every request and concern professionally and enthusiastically.



They were thousands of dollars below other quotes that I received, in fact the prices were very similar to what I would have paid if I would have booked everything on my own. Using Faraway Fairways ended up being the best decision I made regarding the trip.



Alun was able to get us booked at every course we requested and he scheduled our tee times and caddies for times that allowed us the freedom to do some sightseeing on the side. In addition, he stayed in touch with the tide tables and was successful in altering a time to ensure the best views for us while we played!



You cannot go wrong with the support Faraway Fairways offered. I did this trip solo and all last minute but I have already begun to plan the next trip which will include my best golfing buddies. Thanks Alun


Northern Ireland & UAE

The trip had to be postponed Three times, Alun came repeatedly to the rescue. An absolute credit to his business! The four of us are eternally grateful for the most brilliant trip. We honestly couldn't have done it without Faraway Fairways. Will 100 percent use again.



The logistics were spotless…100% of the transports were on time and excellent, the lodging choices spectacular and the golf was off the charts in terms of quality and arrangements made