Customer Review From California.

The following was written by a group leader from California. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies. Enjoy

When I first started planning a trip for my father, my best buddy, and myself to go to Scotland, I was sure I could do it myself. I could find the top courses, I could book tee times online, I could find my maps — it would be no problem. I am so glad that I didn’t go that route.

After a few short correspondences with Alun from Faraway Fairways, I knew that I that my trip would be better if I used his expertise. The service that Faraway Fairways provided ended up to be invaluable. They knew things about that area that I just wouldn’t have been able to know from the internet. (Who knew that it would be difficult to find a good dinner if we came off a golf course at 8 PM.) Not only did they plan the best six days of golf that a golfer could ask for, but they went above and beyond to create an itinerary for the non-golfer that tagged along, my mother. They even secured a castle to stay in for my parents to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary!

The best part was that the service was surprisingly affordable. They were thousands of dollars below other quotes that I received, in fact the prices were very similar to what I would have paid if I would have booked everything on my own. Using Faraway Fairways ended up being the best decision I made regarding the trip.