How Can I Play the St Andrews Old Course?

A look at the various options


There are numerous different ways in which you might secure a round on the St Andrews Old Course. As a general rule though it comes down to cost versus certainty

The Old Course

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Guaranteed Package

‘Guaranteed times’ are never sold in isolation. They will always come with ‘strings attached’. At the very least one involves a mandatory round on a second Links Trust course, but they usually get packaged up with a lot more to boot. Their guarantee of play is their big attraction however, because they’re otherwise typically sold at a price approximately eight times that of the standard green fee. If you’re cash rich, time poor, and don’t have any problem paying a lot more money for something than you might need to, then they have merit. In answer to the question of “whether they’re worth it?” however, is honestly met with an inconclusive, “it depends”

'Authorised Providers'

‘Authorised Providers’ are issued the guaranteed times. They’re usually accommodation providers or golf tour operators. In addition to the mandatory second round, guaranteed packages will nearly always look to secure a minimum duration of stay in a nominated hotel (at least 3, and often 4 nights). A minimum spend on hotel food and beverages (typically £100 each). Some can specify a stay in a certain room type (e.g. a fairway suite). Finally you might find yourself pushed into accepting additional courses and packaged transport conditions

Authorised Providers can be identified by this logo

The 5th & 14th

Massive double greens

The par 3, 11th.

"The shortest par 5 in Scotland!"

Hell Bunker.

Don't go there. You'll be all day

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18th green

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Advanced Ballot

The advanced ballot is another ‘guaranteed tee-time’ and is sold at a much more humane price. The Links Trust open a two-week window at the end of August and first week of September each year for applications. You’re permitted to apply for up to three, two week blocks (excluding weekends). Results are notified to you at the end of October. It’s estimated that one in three succeed on the full allocation.

The slight problem is that whilst you’re awaiting the result, other courses and high-demand accommodations will be selling out. Muirfield will definitely ‘have gone’, whereas popular dates at Carnoustie and Troon will be under pressure. It’s not without an element of risk, but is otherwise worth considering

Daily Ballot

‘The Ballot’ is the least expensive way of playing and unlike the other methods, doesn’t come with any strings at all. It’s a straight-up standard green fee only. You can enter by phone or on-line, or simply ask Faraway Fairways to do it on your behalf. The draw is made 48 hours before play with the application window closing at 14.00. For example ….

If we were applying for a Friday, the window for applications closes on Wednesday at 14.00. The results are published at about 16.30 on the Wednesday. If we wish to re-apply for the next draw (Saturday) then our new window to do so would be Wednesday evening up until 14.00 on the Thursday. So it goes on, albeit there’s no play on Sunday’s.

We build up your chances by making multiple applications until such time as tip the scales in your favour. It’s a numbers game, but most people win eventually

The Swilcan Bridge

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The 17th looking towards the 18th

The Starters Hut

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The 'Singles Ballot'

Since the early 90’s St Andrews allowed single golfers to queue the night before play and secure a tee-time on a first in line, first to play basis: ‘the walk up’ rule. With the mini-boom post-covid however, this began to resemble a ‘sleep out’ rule rather than a walk up rule. In March 2024 the walk up was abolished in the face of the ever more extreme demands it was making on acceptors to endure a siege of 12 hrs at the Starters hut. It’s been replaced instead with a singles ballot that the golfer has to enter in person between 09.00 and 17.00 the day before, and which is then drawn after 17.00 with results notified to you early in the evening

Dark Time Reserve

Annual St Andrews ticket holders reserve the ‘dark times’ (those last 6 or 7 times of the day). They’re often considered the most relaxing to play. The thing is though, annual ticket holders can perhaps play with more of a sense of when it suits them than visitors. Occasionally they’ll cancel. The Links Trust keeps a reserve list to be fill cancelled times. If no one has claimed the time by 09.30 on the day of play, they turn to the dark time reserve. Faraway Fairways once got an eight-ball through using this method. It’s rare, but it can work

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