Customer Review From Maryland.

The following Faraway Fairways Customer Review, September 2022 was written by a joint organiser of a ten-person party. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies. Enjoy

I would like to thank Alun and Faraway Fairways for a wonderful trip to Scotland and London. 

We were planning a trip for 10 guys to celebrate some big birthday milestones, and initially thought about planning the trip to Scotland ourselves. We realized it was going to get complicated so we reached out to some tour companies for help. About 8 companies responded to us, and we decided to proceed with Faraway Fairways due to the obvious attention to detail from Alun, as well as very competitive price. Our requirements were to play a little bit of golf (including at St. Andrews), do some hiking, hit some distilleries, and do some site seeing (like visiting castles). Alun gave us a preliminary itinerary that included all of the items on our list, with costs which seemed very reasonable. Eventually, we complicated things by requesting to also include a trip to Silverstone on our way back to London, so we could drive some race cars. It turned out that Silverstone was unavailable, but we ended up doing the Porsche driving experience which was right next to Silverstone. The trip turned out to have everything we needed.

The trip was extraordinarily well planned, and we had A LOT of complications, most of which Alun warned us about upfront. Some of these complications included potential train strikes, distilleries and tours which were limiting people due to COVID-19 (Alun accommodated us by scheduling 2 separate groups which went to different distilleries), some people only wanted to play golf once (again Alun accommodated us by scheduling alternate activities with a driver) and to top it off we ended up travelling right when the Queen passed, and was in Edinburgh and London during the same time we were there, so Edinburgh castle was closed.

Alun obviously spends a lot of time planning out the trip, and it was apparent in the EXTREMELY detailed itinerary. He even provides little history lessons to help explain the sites that you are seeing. Faraway Fairways estimates the time it takes to each destination to ensure that you stay on schedule, and lets you know the latest time you should leave your destination to arrive at the next one.

The accommodations were quite good (The Scotsman in particular was excellent). The Clachaig Inn was a bit rugged, but it had some nice charm and the views can’t be beat.

The morning breakfasts that were included were good. Various transport companies were used to get us around the country, and all were on time and vehicles were clean, comfortable and in good condition. The drivers were all friendly and very accommodating.

We played golf at the St. Andrews Eden course, which was adjacent to the Old Course.  The Eden course was quite nice and reasonably priced.  We were there on Sunday so we got to walk the Old Course while it was closed which was an amazing experience. 

Alun also chose Castle Stuart as our 2nd course, and it was spectacular.  I’ve played a lot of courses in the United States, and for me, it was definitely in the top 3 of all time.  Club rentals were arranged at both courses and were waiting for us when we arrived, and the clubs were of nice quality (Scotty Cameron putters at Castle Stuart!).

We were able to do some hiking, see some castles, do a lot of drinking and still had some time to just walk around and enjoy the sites. The perfect weather certainly helped, but the trip really could not have been any better.

For anyone planning to use Faraway Fairways, I would highly recommend them.  You will get a lot of e-mails, and more information and detail than you probably need, but you can be assured that the details have been worked out, and your trip will go as planned.

Customer Review From Maryland.

The following was written by the guest on a threeball. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies. Enjoy

This correspondence is very late in getting to you. But, I wanted to reach out and extend a gigantic Thank You for putting together a fantastic trip for J.C. and me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my daughter, R, who unbeknownst to me, would a part of our itinerary. With your coordination and constant communication with JC, you made my first golf trip to Scotland a forever memorable one. I checked many items off my golf bucket list after this trip. From R showing up unexpectedly at Trump International to us hitting the ballot TWICE for play on the Old Course to having great weather, this was a golf trip for the ages for me.

Admittedly, I was a little worried about the 16.5 rounds in 11 days when I first saw the itinerary. But, my excitement about playing these courses allowed me to forget that I was 71 years old and that I couldn’t do this. With J.C., it seemed that all I had to do was get in the car each morning and go play golf.

I’m beyond blessed to two have two great kids who still enjoy playing golf with their dad. Now, I just have to get my wife over to Scotland to experience what I experienced. Btw, taking caddies was a huge help and just added to our Scottish golf experience. For people playing these courses for the first time, it’s beyond me how they try to navigate these course without the use of a caddy.

I would and will highly recommend your company to anyone looking to plan an unforgettable golf trip. Again, many thanks, Alun.-The day off from golf on Monday was a great chance to allow the bodies to recover a little and was a welcome break…we toured St. Andrews, etc and had a wonderful day

Again, many thanks, Alun.


Customer Review From Canada.

The following was written by a single golfer from Canada, accompanied on a two-week trip by his wife. The review period covers the death of Queen Elizabeth II which occurred during their stay in Scotland. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies, or small bits to assist with the flow of the read. We also made a small correction regarding the sequence of events regarding the re-arrangement of Carnoustie. Enjoy

Golf Trip of a Lifetime

As a single golfer, it’s not easy to book rounds of golf in the UK, never mind getting onto bucket list golf courses like the Old Course at St Andrews. Well, I can tell you that Alun Davies, of Faraway Fairways, provided my wife and I with an amazing travel experience to Scotland, featuring the best British Open courses possible. I told Alun the courses I was interested in playing and he prepared a stay and play package with 14 days of outstanding golf, but also tremendous site seeing opportunities for my wife.

The trip began with a 7 hour flight to Glasgow and quick transfer to the car rental agency.  Extremely thorough and detailed notes from Alun, made arrival and car pick up a breeze.  Driving on the opposite side of the road took a little bit to get used to, but having an amazing wife and navigator allowed us to safely navigate the roads. 

Off to Gleneagles, a 5-star hotel and golf sanctuary for our first night stay and round of golf.  Unfortunately, a snag in the trip was my luggage, both clothes and golf clubs did not arrive in Glasgow.  Undeterred, off to the pro-shop I bought some clothing and accessories to play golf. I hired clubs, shoes and a power trolly and golfed the Queens Course at Gleneagles. A phone call from Alun upon our arrival, checking in on us, was welcomed as unfortunately my golf clubs never arrived for my entire trip, but Alun coordinated club rentals throughout. (Faraway Fairways note inserted – we aren’t responsible for the airline!)

After a couple nights we headed off to Inverness and while en-route we attended the Highland Games at the Braemar Gathering. A wonderful event capped off by the arrival of Prince Charles, the honourary Royal guest as the Queen who usually attends was not well.  Little did we know 4 days later the Queen would unfortunately pass away and Charles would be named King. 

Culloden House, a magnificent property full of history, was our next stay.  Golfed at Royal Dornoch and Castle Stuart, amazing courses while my wife took a Castle tour at Dunrobin.

Next we were off to Aberdeen, stopping off to play the Trump international course, a link side beauty. 

Then we headed towards the Town of St Andrews, and here’s where Alun’s persistence paid off.  

As a single golfer he paired me up with another traveller to allow us a chance at the old course ballot system. We had planned on entering 3 days of balloting on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, as I had a pre-planned round at Carnoustie on Friday.  With no luck on the ballot for Wed and Thurs, Alun suggested we try and switch Carnoustie and ballot for Friday.  Being the Old Course, I felt that on a bucket list golf trip like this, the Old Course needed to be played.  While doing a Castle tour at Glamis, another wonderful old property, my phone rings. It’s Alun. We have won the lottery.  A Friday round at the “Old Course” is about to happen.

We arrive in St Andrews, staying at the Fairmont Hotel, another 5-star wonder.  Golf on the Jubilee course on Thursday and then news that shocked the world:  the Queen had tragically passed away.  Her passing sends the UK into a tizzy, and thoughts begin to creep in that they will cancel all activities on Friday and beyond, out of respect for the monarchy.  This could have placed our once in a lifetime round at the Old Course in jeopardy.  After a sleepless night on Thursday we awakened to learn that the golf would play on.  

Playing the Old Course at St Andrews is truly a life experience, and all avid golfers should make the attempt. 

My round was fantastically memorable, having great playing partners and a solid local caddie.  My magical moment was driving the 9th green, a downwind 300 yard par 4, and hitting the flagstick.  My ball rolled 20 feet past and a nice two putt netted my first birdie on the Old Course. 

As luck would have it, we were able to rebook my Carnoustie round on Saturday and then drove on to Edinburgh. Fate seemed to follow us with the monarchy.  We stayed in Edinburgh at a hotel along the Royal Mile, the exact route the Queen’s motorcade would follow from Balmoral Castle to her resting in state at Holyroodhouse Palace. We witnessed the procession of the Queen along with thousands of others who lined the streets.  A truly once in a lifetime moment.

Then on to Troon.  Rounds at Troon, Turnberry and Prestwick the place of the first British open were also all spectacular.  

With all travel, some things often go unplanned.  My lost luggage for two days, and my lost golf clubs for the entire trip caused me some grief having to hire clubs each round.  Most of the UK courses do not have power driven golf carts, or Trolleys as they call them, unless you have a medical exemption. On several rounds, I was booked in as a single golfer, so I would definitely recommend booking in groups or calling the course to be paired with others if you enjoy company during the round. 

My overall impressions of Scotland are: it’s a wonderful, historic country to travel to with the best links style golf courses in the world.  There are countless activities to do other than golf, castle tours, whiskey tours, the loch ness monster cruise, shopping and magical historical buildings everywhere.  

I can’t thank Alun enough for putting together a trip that both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed.  A lifetime of memories in two  weeks.  Thanks Alun!.