Customer Review From California.

The following was written by the group leader of a fourball from California, and covers a three year lead time involving two covid cancellations and re-arrangements. The only edits Faraway Fairways have performed is to protect identities of individuals or specific named companies. Enjoy

L and I have finally arrived home safely and hope G and B have as well. One fantastic trip you organized, and more importantly took ownership of in terms of daily communication and stewardship during our 2+ weeks in Scotland and Ireland. The logistics were spotless…100% of the transports were on time and excellent, the lodging choices spectacular and the golf was off the charts in terms of quality and arrangements made….all the courses knew of us/you and there was not a single hitch anywhere….if we can get the Dublin Airport to hire you as logistics manager the world will be a better place for the Irish

I doubt there is much we would have changed from what you put together for us…the Stena Ferry was excellent so the crossing back and forth between Scotland and Ireland was really rather painless. The transport drivers engaging in conversation and local lore was really wonderful…Tim from Starfish going out of his way to show us Clydesdale farms and local villages was wonderful….I hope we represented you and Faraway Fairways well in terms of your reputation and allowing you to keep doing business with the courses, lodging, and transports you arranged!

Random thoughts:

-The best place we dined during the trip was Little Italy in St. Andrews….we all pretty much agreed it was the best Italian Food we had ever experienced….ended up dining there 3 nights! Highly recommend to anyone in St. Andrews

-The day off from golf on Monday was a great chance to allow the bodies to recover a little and was a welcome break…we toured St. Andrews, etc and had a wonderful day

-Greywalls and Piersland we a real unique experience….would recommend to anyone

-Although a ways from the heart of town the Fairmont St. Andrews was great

-Having breakfast included in all of the accommodations was fantastic and allowed a nice start to everyday

-Kingsbarns is a wonderful golf course that we thoroughly enjoyed playing twice…one of the best…..however the lack of concern about pace of play and rounds taking over 5 hours was very unique to the trip given virtually every other course was 4 hours max and pretty much aggressively enforced by the course as a mandate (Muirfield in particular was a real stickler to the 4 hour round mandate)…We’d play again in a heartbeat at Kingsbarns but people should know it is a lot longer and slow play up front to set expectations at correct level in terms of transports and time slot.

I hope to avail myself of your services again once my partial capital account is slightly restored…..your work with us over the past two years has been a wonderful experience that we all have appreciated.

Let know anything we can do for you!