Scotland, Golf for Two Players


Golf travel is built around multiples four. A two ball party benefits from this. We just halve the ingredients for the most part


Green Fees

A two-ball party doesn’t really have too many considerations with regards to green fees. Two golfers will experience some issues though. Muirfield only permits bookings from fourball parties. You’ll be prevented from playing.

On balance however, two players normally gain. Although we wouldn’t advise you to ‘push it’ as we always prefer to encourage booking and nailing things down early, but two players will find that they’re able to slot onto a tee-sheet late with much greater flexibility. This is particularly true of somewhere like Kingsbarns

Some of the more popular courses reserve the right to allocate another two-ball pairing to your booking to make up a fourball

Any Non-Golfers

Scotland, Ireland, and North-West England are seriously rich for quality non-golf visitor attractions in close proximity to their top courses. You can bring non-golfers along safe in the knowledge that they won’t be missing out.

The only sub-regions where we come under pressure are extended stays in Ayrshire, and to a lesser extent Aberdeenshire. Otherwise we have some truly great non-golf compliments. Golf got lucky really!


St Andrews Old Course, 'Road Hole'. Image by Kevin Murray CLICK 


The standard accommodation solution is for a twin room. The golf industry is well set-up for this. Indeed, the twin room in St Andrews is the more popular booking in some cases. A two-ball party generates one room under this scenario.

In some cases you might consider foregoing the breakfast? A breakfast is charged to a room as two, regardless of whether or not both occupants eat one. There’s usually little to no difference in price if you pay cash on presentation in the morning. Since there’s no guarantee that both occupants will eat every morning, there’s a potential small saving, but honestly, it’s fractional and probably not worth the confusion


Seating capacity is rarely a problem with a golfing party, luggage however is. A golfer will normally generate one significant luggage item plus a golf bag. Two golfers therefore equals four luggage items. This is under the threshold for an estate car. It means we don’t need to use a more expensive MPV. we can make a saving on a smaller hire category vehicle, which is then shared between the two golfers.

A good estate car has four seats and typically room for about 4/5 luggage items. If you’ve overloaded or begun to acquire souvenirs on your journey then there is always the slightly sub-optimal option of using the back-seat as an emergency measure. Sure it’s not ideal, but it would work.

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Edinburgh Castle

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Visitor Attraction Entry & Club Hire

Two golfers won’t experience any problems trying to introduce non-golf visitor attractions into a programme. Faraway Fairways can’t think of anywhere in Scotland that is affected. The only possible angle might be some specialist distillery tours who sometimes limit numbers to no more than ten, but this is really a question of booking in good time

A majority of golfers choose to bring their own clubs. If you’d prefer to hire, then it normally works out more expensive once everything has been done. There would be a choice between using a golf hire club agency or the pro-shop

St Andrews

Two golfers can play the Old Course through a conventional ballot application. No problem. There is a body of opinion that suggests that a two-ball holds a slight advantage in winning a ballot. In truth, it’s probably marginal, but there are sound reasons to believe it exists

You will almost certainly be asked to accept two other players into your two-ball who have presented on the tee using the walk-up rule. Although you aren’t under any compunction to do so, it’s considered incredibly poor protocol to refuse and very few parties do.

Some vendors might resist selling a guaranteed package to a two-ball party, although it is an easier position to ‘lay off’ than selling to an odd-number so two golfers are likely to be OK and relatively unrestricted.

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Where to Play?

Most visiting golfers focus on St Andrews, but this is only the start of the story. The world top-100 list tends to be where people look next


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How to Play the Old Course

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Old Course Ballot Chances

A breakdown of your chances of winning an Old Course ballot by month of the year, day of the week, and the best strategies to use


The Driving Experience

Most itineraries adopt a self-drive solution. A two-ball will need to share this burden, so its worth being aware of what's involved



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How Much?

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