Accommodating large groups in the St Andrews area can become problematic, especially in peak season. How about a different approach then? Rather than using combinations of what are usually the same hotels anyway, how about taking out an entire country mansion for your own exclusive use?

The accommodation is ideally located being within 30 minutes of the Old Course, 45 minutes of both Carnoustie and Gleneagles, and 40 minutes from Edinburgh airport. The main mansion can sleep twelve people in twin room arrangements or six if you prefer to have your own individual room.

The rooms are truly splendid. A magnificent dining room and elegant drawing room for relaxing in perhaps being the pick. In addition to this, you have an airy south facing conservatory for relaxing in as well as your own private swimming pool and hot tub

The grounds are home to a variety of wildlife, magnificent trees and wildflowers, parklands grazed by Highland cattle and sheep. You even have your own private trout lake for anyone who enjoys a bit of angling. Just six miles away is the historic, medieval village of Falkland, home to Falkland Palace, a royal hunting lodge with connections to Mary Queen of Scots.

So what about numbers? Well six is the minimum if you wanted to restrict yourself to the mansion house only and all of you wanted your own individual bedroom. This obviously rises to twelve if you adopt the usual golf party practise of sharing twin rooms. The maximum number we could accommodate is actually a large group of thirty-three although this would involve using a combination of annex buildings attached to the main mansion and others elsewhere on the estate. It might be more helpful however to think in terms of groups between six to twelve, and then adding in multiples of four. Theoretically we can handle 12 golfers, 16 golfers, or 20 golfers, or even more

It’s actually quite rare for Faraway fairways to be able to observe the old proverb of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but just take a look at the slide show below and see for yourselves. Imagine coming back each evening and relaxing in these elegant surroundings after playing the links of St Andrews? It honestly doesn’t get much better, largerly because it can’t!

Large Groups St Andrews Golf … surely it costs a fortune?

Well it’s more expensive than a budget hotel for sure, but let’s be realistic, it’s bound to be, and wouldn’t you be a little bit concerned if it weren’t? The thing about this option is the cost is a one off payment for the duration of your stay divided by the number of people in your party. There are certainly permutations that we can work which begin to put up a smile on your face as you begin think …. actually …. We can do that.

In broad terms, a 7-night stay in the peak season, for a group of twelve would cost in the region of between £850 to £975 per person

That’s really not out of line with St Andrews and falls in between the more expensive five-stars, whilst being a little bit dearer than the mid-range. The big trade-off though is the privacy that this option gives you and the amount of private space you’ll enjoy for yourselves and your group

Large Groups St Andrews Golf – So What’s the downside?

Faraway Fairways don’t feel we need to spin or pitch this. We’re more than happy to spell them out for you and let you take you view

Large Groups St Andrews Golf – Self Catering

Ironically this actually saves money if you choose to do it, but it does transfer the responsibility to you. The question Faraway Fairways would pose however is what does it really mean? Your lunch is likely going to be taken on the road anyway. There has to be a good chance your evening meal will too, somewhere in or around St Andrews. What it really translates into for all practical purposes is breakfast. Is that really such an insurmountable barrier? Well in the first case there’d be nothing to prevent you cooking your own (or assigning someone in your group the task!), but there are plenty of breakfast opportunities at the golf clubs you’re playing. You could simply switch what you would have committed to in any hotel, to a golf club

Mileage –
The mansion is about 20 miles from St Andrews, and no more than half an hour away. For many of us, half and hour is a commute to work. It’s the sort of burden we absorb every day. Americans, Canadians, Australians, and South Africans in particular tend to have a different mindset to what is considered mileage anyway. Leaving this aside though, it’s worth noting that the journey into St Andrews isn’t exactly a taxing fight on heavily congested urban roads. It’s on rural roads driving out through the Fife countryside

Evenings out in St Andrews –
This is the only other potential drawback Faraway Fairways can foresee, and even then it has to involve alcohol for it to become so. The only solution if you aren’t going to use taxis is for someone in your group to do the honours and agree to be the driver for the night. If you’re in a large party though, this probably only means doing it once each. Is that really such a big sacrifice for all the gains you get?

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