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Flight schedules do change in line with market forces and seasonal factors. Using a combination of published timetables and departure boards on airport websites, supported by flight booking brokers (Skyscanner), Faraway Fairways have modelled the following based on using a scheduled week in July, researched in November 2016. We should stress however that although the transatlantic routes are quite well established and less prone to alterations than European schedules, we don’t regularly update timetable information. Our presentation of information is as much about showing what it is possible, so it is definitely wise to check

As part of the ‘big weekend’ portfolios, Faraway Fairways have scheduled a second round of golf on the Sunday. This round is going to be played against time pressure. With this in mind we have sought out second courses of the main resort, and aimed for something that plays between 5800 to 6500 yards in order to give you the best chance of completing and making any connecting flights.

  • St Andrews, New or Jubilee course
  • Turnberry, Kintyre course or Prestwick, St Nicholas
  • Carnoustie, Burnside course
  • Glenagles, Queens course



If you’re travelling back to North America on a direct flight from Edinburgh or Glasgow however, then we’re afraid these leave early in the morning. The scope to play the second round simply doesn’t exist. Faraway Fairways will remove the cost of the second round from the price accordingly if its approrpriate (St Andrews, Turnberry, & Gleneagles).


Glasgow 08.30 Toronto, Pearson 10.55 Air Canada
Glasgow 09.00 Newark, New Jersey 11.30 United
Edinburgh 09.25 Newark, New Jersey 11.30 United
Glasgow 09.30 Halifax 11.36 West Jet
Edinburgh 10.10 New York, JFK 12.50 American Airlines
Edinburgh 10.45 New York, JFK 13.24 Delta
Glasgow 10.45 Philadelphia 13.20 American Airlines
Glasgow 10.45 Orlando 14.25 Air Tanker
Edinburgh 11.30 Newark, New Jersey 14.05 United
Glasgow 12.05 Orlando 15.45 Virgin Atlantic
Edinburgh 12.15 Chicago O’Hare 14.30 United
Glasgow 13.00 New York, JFK 15.36 American Airlines


All needn’t be lost however. You are likely to be able to affect an ‘open jaw’ solution by catching a conencting flight to London in the early afternoon and flying onto North America from Heathrow. Although this will depend on obtaining an early tee time, the courses we have earmarked would offer you realistic prospects for doing so. The first thing we’ll need to establish however is how we get to London


The flight from Glasgow leaving at 14.15 might be on the margins of being feasible. The flight from Aberdeen at 16.35 appears counter-intuitive at face value (travelling north to head south). It works well however. Carnoustie is approximately 90 minutes from either Edinburgh or Aberdeen by road. Carnoustie is the furthest out, the ‘big weekend’ portfolio goes. This flight potentially serves it rather well.

With your baggage checked-in and booked through, the only issue left on arriving at Heathrow would be to affect the transfer. Airlines are normally aware of passengers with onward timing pressures and make arrangements to transit you.


London Heathrow 19.30 New York JFK 22.20 AMERICAN AIRLINES (BA)
London Heathrow 19.55 New York JFK 22.50 BRITISH AIRWAYS (AA)
London Heathrow 19.55 Boston Logan 22.10 BRITISH AIRWAYS (AA)
London Heathrow 20.05 New York JFK 22.45 BRITISH AIRWAYS (AA)
London Heathrow 20.15 New York JFK 23.10 VIRGIN (Delta)


American Airlines and British Airways have flights leaving Heathrow at 17.00 and 17.20 for Chicago and Washington DC respectively. Realistically however these are going to be running right up against the margins of what is practical. Faraway Fairways could only really consider them viable if you were able to secure a very early tee time, or agreed to play nine holes instead
Faraway Fairways have scheduled a second course for provisional play on the Sunday. Whether you will be able to take advantage of this however depends wholly on your plans for departure.


Glasgow 14.15 London Heathrow 15.45
Edinburgh 15.20 London Heathrow 16.45
Glasgow 15.30 London Heathrow 16.55
Aberdeen Dyce 16.35 London Heathrow 18.10
Edinburgh 17.25 London Heathrow 18.50