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Faraway Fairways have scheduled a second course for provisional play on the Sunday. Whether you will be able to take advantage of this however depends wholly on your plans for departure. With this in mind we have sought out second courses of the main resort, and aimed for something that plays between 5800 to 6500 yards in order to give you the best chance.

  • St Andrews, New or Jubilee course
  • Turnberry, Kintyre course or Prestwick, St Nicholas
  • Carnoustie, Burnside course
  • Glenagles, Queens course

Flight schedules do change in line with market forces and seasonal factors. Faraway Fairways always advise that you double check before committing. However, using a combination of published timetables and departure boards on airport websites, supported by flight booking brokers (Skyscanner).



If you’re travelling back within the UK, your prospects of being able to play the second round are excellent. There are more outward flights on the Sunday than there are inward flights on the Friday evening and Saturday morning. This is because the window is wider (16.00 onwards). Faraway Fairways have modelled the following based on a scheduled week in July that was researched in November 2016. We have only presented information for destinations with take-off times after 16.00. Flights do leave earlier in the day, but these would begin to make playing the second round of golf and making the airport check-in increasingly marginal, and in some cases impossible


16.20 Glasgow Stansted 18.00 Edinburgh Stansted 20.30 Edinburgh Birmingham
16.20 Edinburgh Belfast 18.15 Edinburgh Stansted 20.30 Edinburgh Heathrow
16.20 Edinburgh Norwich 18.25 Edinburgh Southampton 20.50 Glasgow Stansted
16.30 Edinburgh London City 18.25 Glasgow Heathrow 20.55 Edinburgh Luton
16.40 Glasgow Belfast 18.30 Edinburgh Manchester 20.55 Glasgow Luton
16.55 Edinburgh Southampton 18.30 Edinburgh Heathrow 20.55 Edinburgh Bristol
17.25 Edinburgh Heathrow 18.55 Edinburgh Gatwick 21.05 Glasgow Heathrow
17.20 Glasgow Gatwick 19.00 Edinburgh Bristol 21.10 Edinburgh Cardiff
17.25 Edinburgh Heathrow 19.25 Glasgow Stansted 21.15 Edinburgh Gatwick
17.25 Edinburgh Luton 19.30 Edinburgh East Midlands 21.20 Glasgow Gatwick
17.30 Edinburgh Bristol 19.35 Edinburgh Stansted 21.20 Edinburgh Gatwick
17.30 Edinburgh Belfast 19.45 Edinburgh Heathrow 21.45 Glasgow Bristol
17.45 Edinburgh London City 19.50 Edinburgh Birmingham
17.55 Glasgow Belfast 20.25 Glasgow Belfast
18.00 Glasgow Bristol 20.25 Glasgow Heathrow