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Cheap flights, Scotland

It’s happened before, and there’s evidence that it’s starting to happen again! What? Cheap flights, Scotland. The Atlantic is shrinking!


At Faraway Fairways we often hear the lament, “I’d love to visit Scotland”, quickly followed by the word, “but” ….. The subject of the but, is usually the same thing. Cost. The focus of the cost invariably lands in one of two areas. General cost, or airfares. The issue of general cost is in decline. The exchange rate ‘post-Brexit’, has seen to that. Sterling has lost 20% of its value and as the UK enters what looks like being a particularly fraught negotiation with the EU regarding the terms of exit, there wouldn’t be much good reason to believe that stability is about to break out. If anything sterling is likely to continue to come under pressure. So basically folks, [CLICK] it’s a great time to play golf in Scotland, if you hold dollars in particular, but also the Euro too. This excuse is fast diminishing.


That only leaves the objection to the cost of flight as next hurdle. This too coming under pressure. We could be on the cusp of a whole new era of affordable air travel again, the like of which we haven’t seen since the early 1980’s and Freddie Laker’s ‘sky-train’. A number of European airlines have been fighting a battle with the various regulators, and the US Congress in particular, who they accuse of obstruction, to obtain routes that they intend to offer discount fares on. Finally its coming to fruition and we could be seeing a whole new era of cheap trans-Atlantic travel, with Scotland being at the forefront of the destinations


Non-Golfers and other visitors


Although Faraway Fairways is a specialist golf tour operator, there is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t help out more generic travellers and visitors with their travel plans or tours, and this is why.


One of our associates is a registered all of Scotland, ‘blue badge guide’. In other words, an expert born out of years of study and exams to reach the required level of knowledge. Blue Badge Guides also benefit from being able to gain you access to some parts of sites that independent members of the public can’t get to. They are also able to secure preferential trade discounts on entrance fees


In reality, many of you booking through an overseas travel agent will likely find they’ve engaged a guide and marked up the price accordingly. Asking Faraway Fairways to take a look at this for you can therefore represent potential saving as we’re nearer to the point of delivery and run a Scottish overhead! It’s worth asking


Our guide also wears a kilt and plays the bagpipes!


The Discounters


It’s been a long time coming, in fact it’s been the subject of ‘on’/ ‘off’ conjecture for a few years now, but at last we’re beginning to see some progress on blowing open the trans-Atlantic routes. As things stand, Norwegian Airways stand to join the Icelandic Independent carrier, Wow, when from June 2017 they start operating routes into Edinburgh. Other routes are planned.


Now we realise that people automatically look for the catch when budget airfares hit the market, and perhaps dismiss them a little bit too quickly. It’s not a completely unhealthy precaution, but we tend to suggest you’ll benefit from being more open minded in this case. So far as we can establish, the business model that these carriers are operating is closer in spirit to Laker’s. This forced the established trans-Atlantic cartels into recipricating price cuts (and immediate price rises after Laker floundered). It’s a model that they’ve operated around Europe, and what they’re doing now is extending it to cheap trans-Atlantic flights with bigger seating capacities


The rumour mill also suggests that Irish Operator, Ryan Air have plans, (variously confirmed and denied in equal measure!) as too does German Wings, albeit we don’t see that they’ll be flying to Scotland. Ryan Air however do have landing slots in Scotland. We will add detail as and when their plans become known



Direct to Edinburgh from
Newburgh Stewart, New York
Providence, Boston
Hartford Bradley, Connecticut
€ 186,= / $ 207.= *
July ’17

To Edinburgh
via Reykjavik from
New York
Boston, Chicago, Washington
Los Angeles, San Francisco
Miami, Pittsburgh
Toronto, Montreal
£ 139.= / $ 179.= *
June & Oct ’17


Long Weekend – Arrivals, & Departures
The advent of dirt-cheap, cut-price airfares suddenly opens up tantalising prospects for the ambitious golfer.


Imagine being asked on Friday if you’re “playing anywhere interesting this weekend?” and being able to respond with a matter of fact answer like “St Andrews, Old Course”, or “Turnberry, Scotland”, or “Carnoustie”. It’s not only feasible from the east coast of America, it starts to become affordable too. Indeed, Faraway Fairways have identified four courses we think this can be done for on our ‘Big Weekend’ offers for ‘Weekend Flyers'[CLICK]


The Heathrow Extension ‘trick’


OK, we’re slightly loathed to describe this as a “trick”, as there isn’t going to be a cost saving involved. It’s one we use however for people on the very short duration ‘weekenders’ who are trying to squeeze as much as they can out of their stay.


Flights back across the Atlantic leave Scotland in the early morning. This stops you playing a second round of golf or doing any shopping etc. Flights from London however, continue to depart for North America throughout the day. It is possible to ‘buy yourself half a day’ by flying from Edinburgh to London and connecting accordingly. With the time zones on your side, you’ll arrive back about 2 hours after you took off, so still make work on Monday morning.



We need to stress that Faraway Fairways are not a flight broker, and as such we don’t maintain a vigilant update service of arrival and departure schedules. Crawling through timetables to spot a 5 minute flux isn’t really where we concentrate. The information provided is therefore indicative only, and based on a single season. Flights can be added and withdrawn accordingly. Having said that, you would need to check things out before paying of course, and wouldn’t be able to book a flight that doesn’t exist anyway! Our service is really about alerting you to possibilities
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