Turnberry Ailsa Course & the King Robert 'the Bruce' Course, with Shiskine & Corrie

Turnberry Weekend Golf Break
– The Character of this tour

Duration – 3 nights
Logistics – Daily ‘back-to-base’ structure
Transport – Self-drive works best. Involves two car ferries
Mileage – Low
Travel Class – Luxury
Non-Golf offer – Limited

At Faraway Fairways we’ve become increasingly aware that a number of you want to ‘get away from it’, but don’t necessarily want the commitment of a longer ‘tour’. In other words, you want a top golf break over a weekend with a true world class course as the focus, but you have so many other things going on around you that have to get back to. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn therefore that Faraway Fairways have just the answer with our Turnberry weekend golf break, one of six options we’re excited to offer.

The Turnberry weekend golf break is designed for someone who can leave work mid-day Friday, or even early evening, so long as they can arrive in Scotland (Edinburgh or Glasgow) early on Saturday. Anyone taking it from the UK or continental Europe will be back at work by Tuesday morning. But here’s a twist, by virtue of flying back across time zones, so will anyone from North America.

The Turnberry weekend golf break isn’t exactly a new concept you might suggest? True, we’ll give you that ‘short putt’! But most of these weekend golf packages tend to be resort first and golf second. Faraway Fairways’ big weekend golf breaks put the golf first. Well to no small extent in Scotland, you have to, Spain we ain’t!

So it might sound a bit ambitious at first, and sure it’s probably not completely unfair to think that this type of Scottish weekend golf break is more likely to appeal to those of you who have fast moving lifestyles and a bit of ‘go’ about you, but this needn’t be an exclusive requirement. Ultimately the world is becoming a smaller a place, and it’s becoming increasingly possible to pull off these types of long-distance weekend golf breaks. The more you think about it, the more you’ll come to realise it. When you walk back into work on Tuesday and someone enquires whether you “did anything interesting at the weekend?” it would perhaps be nice to reply “played golf at Turnberry, Scotland. And you?”


Not applicable Not applicable Flight to Scotland – arrive following morning
TURNBERRY (KING ROBERT THE BRUCE COURSE) Culzean Castle Turnberry (luxury)
Sunday TURNBERRY (AILSA COURSE) Ailsa Craig Turnberry (luxury)
SHISKINE Isle of Arran Turnberry (luxury)
Flight home Not Applicable Not Applicable


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Turnberry weekend golf break Turnberry weekend golf break

3 nights
  • Luxury

The price is per person and based on two people sharing a twin or double room for three nights, and four people sharing the cost of the transport (a standard golfing four-ball)

Turnberry Long Weekend

Turnberry’s Ailsa Course needs no introduction. The Championship standard ‘Bruce’ course is a high-quality accompaniment. The choice comes on the final day. For an additional cost you could play a second round on the Ailsa. That’s a high-class choice, and a perfectly good option.

Alternatively you could venture onto the Isle of Arran and attempt the ‘cult classic’ at Shiskine, a quirky 12 hole lay-out (including seven beguiling par 3’s). A day on Arran will also permit you to play the nine-hole gem at Corrie. These are truly memorable rounds played in dramatic landscape, and could easily rank as the most ‘fun’ day you’re ever likely to experience on a golf course.

The fourth tee at Shiskine – photo by Hamish Ballantyne

Travelling to Scotland

Long weekend golf breaks are designed to minimise disruption to your working week. Schedules are built on an assumption that you can leave work mid afternoon to early evening, on a Friday. We envisage you arriving at either Edinburgh or Glasgow international airports or respective railway stations.

Golfer’s travelling from within the UK, or flying from continental Europe, do have more margin. Many of you will be able to arrive in Edinburgh/ Glasgow on the Friday evening. This will incur an extra nights accommodation, but will allow you to make an earlier start the next morning

Those of you flying the Atlantic however will arrive early on Saturday morning. There are direct flights to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. The whole secret to the Long weekend is that you’re at least in Scotland early on the Saturday. The return leg is easier as you’re flying with the time zone, and can even sneak an extra round if routing back through London

Ordinarily Faraway Fairways would tend to advise that you aim to arrive as follows;

  • Edinburgh if playing St Andrews
  • Glasgow if playing Turnberry
  • Edinburgh if playing Carnoustie
  • Either if playing Gleneagles with slight preference for Edinburgh

The ultimate objective is to get you into the course as quickly as we can, especially if you’re arriving on Saturday morning, or playing St Andrews.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are about 60 minutes apart by road. It might happen that an earlier arrival at say Glasgow, can result in an earlier arrival at St Andrews, despite it being further away. You might even route through London or Dublin

We wouldn’t necessarily discourage those of you who practically can do, to arrive on Friday evening. This extends your scope for securing favourable tee times and would be particularly helpful for the St Andrews Old Course on Saturday.

It would probably be advisable to travel as light as you can in order to make check-in and baggage reclaim much quicker. You might even find you’re able to do this using the clothes you’re wearing, some small items in hand luggage, and if necessary, buy a few extras from the pro-shop whilst you’re here (they also double as souvenirs of course). You might even decide to play with hired clubs (though in fairness, hardly anyone ever does).

King Robert the Bruce Course

Since it first opened in 2001, the old Kintyre course was very much Turnberry’s ‘other course’, good enough to host Open qualifying, but that was probably the ceiling on its ambition. Now having been redesigned in 2017 the renamed, King Robert the Bruce course has moved it into the next league. The middle section is still the most charismatic run of holes, but the redesign makes full use of Bains Hill and has successfully squeezed four new stunning holes out of landscape, making for a massive cumulative net gain. Other major alterations to the personality of the course have seen the removal of gorse bushes and introduction of waste areas to very much more encourage shot making and recovery rather than simply writing off an old ball! The bunkering is also a significant improvement. The Bruce course could easily find itself bettered only by the St Andrews New Course in the rankings of ‘second courses’

Trump Turnberry

With the iconic Stevenson lighthouse sitting on its craggy headland amongst the ruins of Turnberry castle, recognisable views of Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran out to sea, plus a tendancy to put on spectacular sunsets, Turnberry is the most aesthetic of all the Open venues. In modern golfing legend though Turnberry is forever etched in the pages of history as the location for the most absorbing head-to-head in recent Open history; the renowned ‘duel in the sun’ from 1977 when Tom Watson narrowly prevailed over Jack Nicklaus with the rest, nowhere. Myths are made in moments, but legends last a lifetime. In 2016 the course finished it’s stunning redevelopment. Be amongst the first to tackle the new holes 9-11, which look set to become the signature stretch. Not so mmuch Amen Corner, as perhaps a Rocky Horror! The fifth is the hardest on the course and been toughened up further, and 14, an infinity hole out to sea might become the most awe inspiring


Shiskine is a 12 hole gem on the Isle of Arran, long known about but rarely played due to its accessibility. It possesses some of the most spectacular holes in all of Scotland and is wonderous testimony to the harmonious blend of golf and landscape. It’s very much an old school course with plenty of blind shots and elevated tees playing into plunging coves below. The word that keeps coming back time and time again about Shiskine is “fun”. If you have a part-time golfer in your party, or someone who perhaps lacks length off the tee, but can be relied upon to make a clean contact otherwise, Shiskine is where they could join in and play. It’s a really enjoyable and liberating course


Turnberry is the world’s first golf ‘resort’ and the magnificent white stone, red roofed hotel that sits atop a hill with commanding views out across the estate, the sea, and the Isle of Arran beyond is one of the most instantly recognisable in golf. Previously the hotel had been used as a training facility for the Royal Flying Corps in the first world war (shrewd strategic choice doubtless!). Today it has been the subject of major refurbishment and re-established itself firmly in the major league of luxury. Non-golfer’s are particularly well catered for with a variety of rest and relaxation options available to you

Self Drive or Chauffeur

‘Long Weekend’ golf breaks assume arrival at either of Scotland’s major international airports, (Edinburgh & Glasgow) or their respective railway hubs of Waverley or Central stations.

Faraway Fairways normally recommend self-drive for our golf packages but the ‘Long Weekend golf breaks’ might be the exception? Chauffeur driven options can work perfectly well (particularly St Andrews or Gleneagles). This will typically be a Mercedes capable of taking seven passengers. The Mercedes has leather seats and a high-spec ride comfort.

Self-drive affords you more flexibility and independence, but it is a bit more time consuming to process. Long weekends can be quite intense, and the responsibility for driving might be one stress point you’d be happy to lose

The only long weekend package where we needn’t be convinced that a chauffeur driven solution works that well would be the option that involves playing Shiskine on the Isle of Arran as part of the Turnberry break. You might also be forgiven for wishing to have some transport autonomy at Carnoustie too as the town needn’t have the appeal of St Andrews, and the hotel probably hasn’t got the depth of non-golf facilities that Gleneagles and Turnberry can call on

Our pricing schedules are modelled on self-drive. Chauffeur driven options normally cost slightly more, but in some cases this could be negligible and might even be less dependent on how you decide to operate a base location, as they could involve little more than airport transfers to a resort hotel which in itself can provide for all your needs


  • 3 nights – Turnberry Resort Hotel – 5 star
    – includes breakfast
    – deluxe twin or double room with sea view
  • Up to four rounds of golf with green fees for:
    – Turnberry Ailsa course
    – Turnberry King Robert the Bruce course
    – Shiskine (Corrie involves an ‘honesty box’
  • Self Drive – or – Chauffeur driven vehicle
    – (MPV people carrier, typically Mercedes)
  • Return car ferry ticket Ardrossan to Brodick
    – (if Isle of Arran option is chosen)
  • Support and assistance as appropriate


– Friday night accommodation.
– Flexible hotel cancellation booking rates.
– Air-fares
– Evening meals, or additional hotel expenditure such as drinks (unless specified)
– Caddie hire, or any golf course equipment. We are happy to arrange this at no extra cost.
– Round of golf at Corrie (paid into course ‘honesty box’)

All tours and hotels sold subject to availability and final confirmation.

Long Weekend

Guide price based on four golfers sharing two ‘Deluxe twin rooms’ (sea view)
Transport costs based on self-drive and divided by all (chauffeur drive is perfectly viable)


Typical Price Range Guide –

LUXURY PEAK SEASON …………………….,£1,725
LUXURY LOW SEASON …..,,……………..,£1,150

Quite a lot of golf tour operators will take some low-season green fees, perhaps wrap them up with a budget hotel ‘offer’, and then present them as the dreaded “prices from”. Sure it makes for an eye-catching headline. Faraway Fairways could do the same. The question really though is does this help you at all? Well most golfers probably don’t appreciate having their hopes built up only for them to wade through the detail to discover that the price that caught their attention requires them to comply with all sorts of sub-optimal conditions. Instead we’re using a ‘guide price’ which needn’t be ‘spot on’ but should be close

Highlights – Turnberry Ailsa Course, Turnberry King Robert the Bruce Course, & Shiskine with Corrie

Duration – 4 days

Travel class – Luxury – Turnberry resort hotel

Season – Not available in Jan & Feb

Transport – Self drive
Includes return car ferry ticket to the Isle of Arran


Important – Dynamic prices do alter dependent on the choices we make, the month/ week we book for, and in the case of hoteliers that operate revenue yield management models outside of fixed rate contracts, the time of year we process a booking. As a general guideline, the nearer we book to the day of arrival, the more expensive things become. The Turnberry ‘shoulder season’ is generous and encompasses April up until mid May and the last two weeks of October. The course doesn’t play during January and February

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