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Call the Masters, Troon Golf Offer, Scotland

Royal Troon Championship Course, Machrihanish, Western Gailes, Dundonald, & Glasgow Gailes

At Faraway Fairways we believe we’ve built you a gem with our Call the Masters, Troon Golf Offer, Scotland. If you can predict the winner of the Masters we’ll pretty much pay for your vacation. “Pretty much” you say? that sounds like a catch? Well it amounts to a 100% refund of your green fees, the advertised hotel, and your transport material to the golf tour (excludes flights).

So what is it about Troon and the supporting courses of Ayrshire? Royal Troon is a world top-100 ranked links, and hosted a ‘classic’ Open Championship in 2016. Get a sighter in before sitting back in July to watch it. For many golfers the prospect of hitting a tee shot at the world famous ‘Postage Stamp’ is enticing enough. Another famous shot is the first at Machriahnish. Machrihanish another world top-100 ranked course on Scotland’s wild and remote western coast. Western Gailes is a traditional links right next to the sea and would be a near miss on the global top-100 list. In the opinion of Faraway Fairways at least, we feel it has claims to be considered Scotland’s most typical links course combining as it does just about every hazard and characteristic we associate with links golf. Glasgow Gailes is slightly inland from Western Gailes and Scotland’s ‘Open Championship’ qualifying venue. Dundonald is a new links course that looks set to host a Scottish Open imminently.

It’s not just the courses themselves however, but the experience of Troon that is so beguiling. The Gulf Stream warms the Ayrshire shoreline making spring a particularly uplifting time to play as optimism abounds at what the new season will bring. Relieved by the lifting of the winter months nature is coming back to life. Lush green fairways and greens are particularly receptive. In addiiton to the golf, we also base ourselves in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest and most vibrant city. So if you’re weighing up a trip to the Ayrshire coast and think Faraway Fairways paying for it is a good idea, hopefully this offer might help tip your decision.

You’ll need to move quickly though in order to cash in the call the Masters, Troon Golf Offer, Scotland. The decision to run this deal is taken at risk, our exposure to your judgement isn’t inexhaustible!.


Troon Golf Offer, Scotland

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Sunday DUNDONALD Tam O Shanter Trail Gailes
Monday WESTERN GAILES Glasgow Gailes
Tuesday GLASGOW GAILES Culzean Castle Gailes
Wednesday MACHRIHANISH Glasgow or Glencoe Glasgow


5 Nights Duration
  • Premier
  • Gailes (3) Glasgow (2)
  • Premier price
  • Affordable price
  • Peak season £1649 approx $2155 (subject to & settled at current exchange rate)
  • Low season £1249 approx $1632 (subject to & settled at current exchange rate)

BASIS OF PRICE - Four golfer's sharing transport, two people sharing a twin room

NON GOLF ACTIVITY - Non-golfers get more time for non-golf activity than golfers. An asterisk (*) is used on the ‘Non-Golf’ button in the itineraries to indicate where a golfer could reasonably expect to be able to undertake an activity. Anything left unmarked is only practical for non-golfers to undertake. Check the button called ‘What’s Included’ that appears on the final named day ‘tab’ to see if it’s included in a price.

DISCLAIMER - The content of all tours are sold subject to availability and final confirmation of price. We do not speculatively book hotels in advance. Late bookings might be subject to a market led price increment. The prices displayed are strong indicators of what you would expect to pay but can also fluctuate in line with choices people wish to add or omit. Please check what's included. Prices are per person based on two sharing


Flushed by the success of Kingsbarns, the ambitions of Ayrshire and Kyle Phillips conveniently naturally collided as one wanted something similar, and the other wanted a new project. Phillips set about building another brand new links type course drawing on his observation of tradition through enhancing the existing, rather than manufacturing the phoney. It’s being faithful to this philosophy that leads us to think these courses are much older. Dundonald is starting to gain wider acclaim as it matures. With Gullane 2015 and Castle Stuart 2016, confirmed, the expectation is that Dundonald will get the 2017, Scottish Open, and finally announce its arrival into the family of courses just below ‘Major’ standard

Western Gailes

Often described as the area’s ‘hidden gem’ the Western Gailes course embodies much that is typical of the Ayrshire links sandwiched as it is between the sea and the ubiquitos railway line. Reading the fickle wind that snaps in off the adjacent Firth of Clyde, is the key. The challenge is compounded by undulating terrain, and finely contoured greens cleverly set in the folds of the sand dunes. The line of dunes runs the coastal stretch from the 5th to the 13th. Another links staple appears at the 14th, an out of bounds wall. Pot bunkers and meandering burns, are also much in evidence, which combine with traditional vegatative defenders, gorse and heather to present ‘the’ archetypal links challenge.

Glasgow Gailes

Gailes Links is owned by Glasgow Golf Club, the 9th oldest Golf Club in the world. Slightly inland from Western Gailes it’s marginally more protected from the wind, but makes up for it instead by supporting the greater variety of vegetation. On the west coast of Scotland that means gorse, and a lost ball. In 2014 the R&A altered the way in which final Open was to be managed. Permanent venues would be used in the UK. Gailes is such a fairly balanced course which combines so many aspects of a links golf in equilibrium, that it was adopted as Scotland’s ‘only’ final qualifying venue


Perched on the western most tip of the Kintyre Peninsula, Machrihanish is wild, remote, windswept and very, beautiful. As you might expect being just 12 miles from North Ireland, the coast shares some Irish traits, notably dramatic high dune systems, whereas the subtle undulations in the fairways are more Scottish. This is pure links theatre. Golf Digest rate Machrihanish the 57th best course in the world. It’s top drawer. It also possesses what many regard as the finest opening tee shot on the planet played over the beach onto the fairway beyond, and daring you to carve off more and more until you perish. It sets the tone for an exhilarating round

Machrihanish Dunes

Scotland is the home of golf (you’ll hear this a few times) but in terms of finding a course that most faithfully observes this heritage we have to turn to something surprisingly modern. If you want to experience a links challenge similar to that which the games pioneers faced, then ‘Mach Dunes’ is it. This is the perfect symbosis of natural landscape and hazard in harmony. The pioneers who took to the links land didn’t have mechanical earth moving machinary. They looked into the landscape, worked with it, and went about conceiving their own challenges, which in time gave way to courses as consensus emerged. Of its 270 acres only 7 have been subject to earth working. The rough is managed by two flocks of roaming sheep with grazing rights, and bunkers are developments of burrowing animals! This is authentic links, and actually genuine.

Royal Troon

The Old course has hosted the Open a total of eight times. Troon is a true links challenge in the finest traditions. The omni-present and spiteful wind is only part of the trial. In addition there is hideously deep rough interspersed with thick gorse and broom. Precision shot making is essential. Make your score out, the return nine into the wind is always a trial. The par 3, eighth, described by Willie Park as “a pitching surface skimmed down to the size of a Postage Stamp” is the signature hole, the name stuck. It’s the par 4, eleventh, ‘the Railway Hole’ is more feared though. Ask Tiger Woods. In 1997 golf’s hottest property carded an eight here. The experience of a young Jack Nicklaus was even more chastening. He returned a ten in 1962. More recently Troon staged the memorable 2016 Championship that saw Henrik Stenson edge Phil Mickelson in one of the most stunning displays of head-to-head Major Championship golf in history. They pulled a remarkable 11 shots clear, both shooting record equalling 63’s en-route

More information

Qualification requirements for play

Royal Troon applies a handicap threshold of 20 for gentlemnen, and 30 for ladies to both the Championship and Portland courses respectively. Players who are unable to meet this standard are invited to tackle the alternative courses nominated instead

Time to say Goodbye

Time, as they say, waits for no man, and sadly we’re no exception. Today it’s time to bid you farewell, hope you enjoyed your stay, and will consider returning soon. Better still, the return match awaits. We’ll ensure you get to your airport for a safe, and comfortable return across the Atlantic, where the benefits of flying east to west will now become apparent, as you land a mere two hours after you took off! Don’t forget to stay in touch through our blog, email, or the social networks, as we update information. Once again, thank you

The Ayrshire Odyssey

Fantastic Golf Offer – The Deal

All you have to do is the following….

  1. Select who you think will win the 2019 Masters
  2. Book this tour with your selections name
  3. Pay your deposit no later than February 28th, 2019, (payments after this date subject to agreement)
  4. Pay the remaining balance by March 31st, 2019, (payments after this date subject to agreement)

Should your nominated player win….we’ll pay for (by way of 100% refund) the total cost of your tour to the advertised price.

So where’s the catch? have I read this right?

Should your nominated player fail to win, you aren’t required to pay any forfeit for being on the wrong side of the result. The risk is ours. You just take your tour as intended, on a ‘nothing lost’ basis.

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