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At Faraway Fairways we’ve grown increasingly aware just how many golfers identify themselves as avid fishermen and outdoors types. Well Scotland doesn’t just have a world class golf offer. Fishing for wild Atlantic salmon in Scotland is a lifetime experience for every angler or lover of the outdoors. Remember, salmon have been part of Scotland’s heritage for tens of thousands of years. Whisky came later and tartan is but a mere baby. Indeed, Scotland has long been renowned for its salmon fishing on some of the most famous salmon rivers in the world. It only seemed perfectly natural therefore that Faraway Fairways sought to roll the two together and offer you Scottish salmon fishing with golf tours.

The Atlantic salmon, (Salmo salar), run most Scottish rivers of any size, making their way from the marine feeding grounds in the North Atlantic into Scotland’s rivers and upstream to reach the spawning reeds by late autumn. They cover huge distances of hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, often against the odds, through strong flows, rough rapids and barely surmountable waterfalls in the process.

Scotland has dozens of salmon rivers but whereas African safaris have their ‘big five’, Scotland’s Salmon anglers have their ‘big four’. The River Tay is renowned for its quality and ‘monsters’. The River Tweed for its volume. The River Spey for its beauty, and the River Dee for its majesty.

Experience has taught us the best way of doing this is to set at least one, and possible two days aside. Think of it as a day off the golf. It does work quite well though. The River Tweed naturally combines with Edinburgh and Muirfield. The River Tay with Carnoustie and Gleneagles. The River Spey with Castle Stuart and the Highlands, and the River Dee with the links of Aberdeenshire. Scottish salmon fishing with golf works quite well with the exception of the Ayrshire coast

Salmon fishing in Scotland is often hard work. This is not “ shooting fish in a barrel”. Think of it as a quest or an adventure and you are in the correct mood, this is about strategy, skill, and guile. Salmon fishing is demanding, sometimes even depressing, but the exhilaration of catching the King of Game Fish cannot be underestimated.


1 Day Duration

Please note that the Spey season closes early at the end of September


The largest of Scotland’s salmon rivers, the Tay drains an area of about 2500 square miles and is approximately 120 miles long. It is a big river, particularly in its middle and lower course below its confluence with the River Tummel. The Tay is one of the classic “Big Four” of Scottish Rivers and can still produce in the region of 10,000 salmon in a season making it one of the most productive salmon rivers in Europe. The Tay enjoys a reputation for quality

Excellent trout fishing, grayling magnificent scenery and a variety of fishing from big river boat to more intimate stretches and excellent tributaries such as the Lyon offers something for every game angler.

Combines particularly well with golf at St Andrews, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns and Gleneagles.

Experience of angling will always place you at an advantage but isn’t essential. Beginners and even ‘first timers’ can be accommodated and are welcomed


The River Tweed is frames Scotland’s sourthern border with England. Internationally famous for its salmon fishing, people come from all over the world to fish it. It ranks among the very top salmon rivers in the world, excelling itself in 2012 with a record catch of over 20,000 salmon. Wonderful fish are caught by those who have the opportunity to cast a fly on the many beats. The traditions and techniques used on the River Tweed have influenced salmon fishing, wherever these wonderful fish can be found. To have the chance to fish for salmon on the Tweed is a wonderful experience.

Combines particularly well with golf at Murifield, North Berwick, Gullane, and anything Edinburgh.

Experience of angling will always place you at an advantage but isn’t essential. Beginners and even ‘first timers’ can be accommodated and are welcomed


The River Spey is renowned for its whisky as well as its salmon. What a combination! This is some river. The Spey is another member of the ‘big four family’ and is also the most aesthetic of the quartet set as it is amongst a stunning landscape to frame your day. From its source at Loch Spey, the river descends 1,000ft to its mouth, some 107 miles away. This descent leads to a good flow all season, which make fly fishing very exhilirating and every cast a new journey. The Spey consistently produces large salmon up to the 30lb plus. Land one of these majestic beauties and your memories will be forever treasured

Combines particularly well with golf at Castle Stuart, Nairn, Boat of Garten, and Moray

Experience of angling will always place you at an advantage but isn’t essential. Beginners and even ‘first timers’ can be accommodated and are welcomed


The River Dee, flowing through the Royal Estate of Balmoral is the most majestic of the “big four” salmon rivers in Scotland. The Dee is 90 miles from its source in the Cairngorm Mountains to the North Sea at Aberdeen. It is a clear water river, especially in its upper reaches. Easy gravel wading gives way to more rocky Highland conditions as the journey to the head waters. Wading can be very difficult in places. The scenary is often magnificant and the character of the river is as nice as you will find anywhere though.

We are advised to counsel a degree of caution however. Although the Dee can still produce good spring fishing, runs of spring salmon have been down in recent years. If your priority is to maximise a catch, the Tay has been significantly more productive in recent seasons (about four times more so)

Combines well with golf at Royal Aberdeen, Murcar Links, and the Trump International Links.

Faraway Fairways are advised however to encourage anglers who want to maximise their chances of catching a salmon to consider the River Tay in preference to the Dee until we’re informed otherwise. It would involve an earlier start to your day from Aberdeen, but is feasible


Salmon fishing is a niche leisure activity in its own right. Faraway Fairways have sought out some of the most experienced and respected ghillies and guides, who’ve worked these ‘beats’ for years, on your behalf. Instead of making long-range reservations for a whole week, we’re able to offer you the flexibility to fish for just a single day at relatively short notice. Faraway Fairways will book you in, and ensure you get to and from the river, but rest assured, after that its over to the experts!

The ghillies and guides we use are happy to work with anyone ranging from expert to guiding complete beginners having their first attempt at salmon fishing. Don’t be deterred. Anglers are patient by nature, and these guys are some of the nicest folk you’ll meet. Landing a salmon is a fair accomplishment. If you succeed you can be rightly proud of yourself. Everyone really will try for you.

Salmon fishing isn’t our core business, and we don’t rely it (more of a value added item). We still have a vested interest in maximising your prospects of success however. We want happy clients

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