Portmarnock Golf Club, The Island Golf Club & The Portmarnock Links

Portmarnock Weekend Golf Break
– The Character of this tour

Duration – 3 nights
Logistics – Daily ‘back-to-base’ structure
Transport – Either Self-drive or Managed driver works fine.
Mileage – Low
Travel Class – Premier
Non-Golf offer – Good (Dublin)

At Faraway Fairways we’ve become increasingly aware that a number of you want to ‘get away from it’, but don’t necessarily want the commitment of a longer ‘tour’. In other words, you want a top golf break over a weekend with a true world class course as the focus, but you have so many other things going on around you that you haven’t really got the time to extend much beyond a few nights.

Dublin has long been recognised as one the top-tier weekend break destinations in Europe. The Portmarnock Dublin weekend golf break seeks to tap into this and is frankly ideal. We have three top rate golf courses all within 20 minutes of Dublin airport, with a resort hotel that puts all of them within 10 minutes of where you staying. This is one weekend break where you get let the golf come to you. Furthermore the fabled attractions of the Irish capital are on your doorstep too. It’s only a 40 minutes journey right into the heart of central Dublin for those of you who wish to test the city’s well earned reputation for hospitality

The package is designed for someone who can leave work mid-day Friday, or even early evening, so long as they can arrive in Ireland early on Saturday. Anyone taking it from the UK or continental Europe will be back at work by Tuesday morning. But here’s a twist, by virtue of flying back across time zones, so will anyone from North America.

The Portmarnock Dublin weekend golf break isn’t exactly a new concept you might suggest? True, we’ll give you that ‘short putt’! But most of these weekend golf packages tend to be resort first and golf second. Faraway Fairways’ big weekend golf breaks put the golf first. Well to no small extent in Ireland, you have to, Spain we ain’t!

So it might sound a bit ambitious at first, and sure it’s probably not completely unfair to think that this type of weekend golf break is more likely to appeal to those of you who have fast moving lifestyles and a bit of ‘go’ about you, but this needn’t be an exclusive requirement. Ultimately the world is becoming a smaller a place however, and it is becoming increasingly possible to do these types of things. When you walk back into work on Tuesday and someone enquires whether you “did anything interesting at the weekend?” it would perhaps be nice to reply “played golf in Ireland”. And you?”



PORTMARNOCK LINKS Dublin Portmarnock
Monday THE ISLAND Dublin Portmarnock
Monday PORTMARNOCK GC Glendalough Portmarnock

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Portmarnock Dublin weekend golf break Portmarnock Dublin weekend golf break

3 Nights Duration
  • Premier

Portmarnock & Dublin

Dublin has long been recognised as one of Europe’s ‘great’ weekend breaks. It’s a firm favourite with those enjoy a bit of life. Good fortune also allows it to support the simplest and most concentrated of the Faraway Fairways weekend golf breaks

Dublin airport is just 20 mins from Portmarnock Golf Club (world top-100 ranked). The Portmarnock Links (ranked in the top 20 in Ireland) is owned and managed by the Portmarnock hotel. It’s literally on your doorstep. The Island course completes a trinity of top class links, and again holds an Irish top-20 ranking. The Island is about 10 mins from the hotel.

This isn’t far off being a case of land, airport, transfer play, and then return. Everything is so close together that you simply allow the golf to come to you

Dublin city centre is about 45 mins south of Portmarnock by local taxi. You’ll probably want to spend some time there, and in truth, you’d be letting yourself down a bit if you didn’t. The Portmarnock weekend golf break is slightly unusual in that it’ll be the non-golf activity (Dublin) that generates the greater mileage, but in all honesty it’s not that much of a burden

Travelling to Ireland

Long weekend golf breaks are designed to minimise disruption to your working week. Schedules are built on an assumption that you can leave work mid afternoon to early evening, on a Friday. We envisage you arriving at Dublin International Airport

Golfer’s travelling from within the UK, or flying from continental Europe, do have more margin. Many of you will be able to arrive in Dublin on the Friday evening. This will incur an extra nights accommodation, but will allow you to make an earlier start the next morning

Those of you flying the Atlantic however will arrive early on Saturday morning. There are direct flights to Dublin. The whole secret to the Long weekend is that you’re at least in Ireland early on the Saturday. The return leg is easier as you’re flying with the time zone

We wouldn’t necessarily discourage those of you who practically can do, to arrive on Friday evening. This extends your scope for securing favourable tee times and would be particularly helpful for the St Andrews Old Course on Saturday.

It would probably be advisable to travel as light as you can in order to make check-in and baggage reclaim much quicker. You might even find you’re able to do this using the clothes you’re wearing, some small items in hand luggage, and if necessary, buy a few extras from the pro-shop whilst you’re here (they also double as souvenirs of course). You might even decide to play with hired clubs (though in fairness, hardly anyone ever does).


This links Bernhard Langer designed links borders its illustrious neighbour, the Portmarnock Golf Club. For such a new layout, the Hotel Links is a very natural and understated course. There is nothing showy about the design; the natural land is used simply and effectively. The first eight holes play across gently-undulating ground with definition provided by varied grasses and pot bunkers. Then, around the turn, a cluster of shaggy sand dunes provides a much more pronounced aspect. Resort courses tend to be regarded by golfer’s with suspicion, but this one quickly established itself in Ireland’s top-20 and should be treated as an exception


For good reason this course ranks # 78 in the top 100 ‘Architects Choice’. The Island Golf Club enjoys a unique setting bordered by sea on 3 sides. A classic links course set in a rugged terrain & nestled between the highest sand dunes along the east coast. The Island was indeed once on an island. It’s now attached to the mainland but it’s still an isolated peninsula-like spur of links land, sandwiched between the Irish Sea, the beach of Donabate and the Broadmeadow estuary. Few people know about The Island Golf Club, despite the fact that the course is over 100 years old and has featured in numerous ranking tables over the years.


With a rich history closely aligned to the progression of golf in Ireland, Portmarnock has hosted numerous Irish Open Championships, the Walker Cup, the Irish Amateur Championship and the British Amateur Championship. From Sam Snead to Seve Ballesteros, some of golf’s best-known names have tested their skills this majestic narrow tongue of shallow dunes-land, just north of Dublin. Considered by many as one of the fairest links courses in the world it delivers an incredible challenge and true test of golf. In 2016 Portmarnock secured a prestigious world-25 ranking, perhaps five-time Open Championship winner Tom Watson summed up the links best during his visits saying “There are no tricks or nasty surprises, only an honest, albeit searching test of shot making skills.”

4-Star (Luxury)

Today’s Portmarnock hotel is the old home of the Irish Jameson whisky family. The residency sits on the shoreline offering commanding views along the stretch sandy beach, ‘the strand’. Golfer’s use either twin rooms that overlook the rear gardens are the sea. Perhaps the most appealing thing about the Portmarnock hotel however is it’s proximity to the airport. It only takes 20 minutes and you’re here. It’s ideal for a weekend break, and made even more so by the fact that the links course is on your doorstep (literally) whilst the famous Portmarnock Golf Club is only 2 miles down a country lane

Self Drive or Chauffeur

The Portmarnock & Dublin ‘Long Weekend’ golf break assumes arrival at Dublin International Airport, (it’s difficult to imagine how else otherwise?).

Faraway Fairways normally recommend self-drive for our golf packages but the ‘Long Weekend golf breaks’ might be the exception? Chauffeur driven options can work perfectly well and nowhere is this more apparent than the Portmarnock/ Dublin option. The airport is only 20 mins from the Portmarnock hotel, which in turn is no more than 10 mins from the furthest golf course we’re scheduled to play (The Island).

The additional cost associated with self-drive is difficult to justify under the circumstances, and we’ve duly based the price on a serviced transport arrangement

If you wish to go into Dublin itself (and you should take the opportunity to do so) then the absence of a self-drive is going to push us towards using a local taxi. In truth, you could easily find this is what you’d do even if you had a self-drive. Driving around Dublin needn’t be that enjoyable an experience, and one of the reasons we can perhaps anticipate for visiting would be a ‘night out’ in which case your vehicle would become a burden to you anyway

If you do choose to adopt a chauffeured/ taxi approach to the transport, we’d probably advise that the half-day trip to Glendalough isn’t worth undertaking on a hired driver arrangement. That would be the only casualty of the itinerary but it isn’t material to the integrity of the programme so you could probably absorb it


  • 3 nights – Portmarnock Hotel –
    – (includes breakfast & one evening meal)
    – Deluxe twin or double room (garden view)
  • At least three rounds of golf:
    – Portmarnock GC
    – Portmarnock Links
    – The Island
  • Self Drive – or – Chauffeur driven vehicle
    – (MPV people carrier, typically Mercedes)
  • Support and assistance as appropriate


– Friday night accommodation.
– Flexible hotel cancellation booking rates.
– Air-fares
– Evening meals, or additional hotel expenditure such as drinks (unless specified)
– Caddie hire, or any golf course equipment. We are happy to arrange this at no extra cost.

All tours and hotels sold subject to availability and final confirmation.

Long Weekend

Guide price based on four golfers sharing two ‘Deluxe twin rooms’ (sea view)
Transport costs based on self-drive and divided by all (chauffeur drive is perfectly viable)


Typical Price Range Guide –

LUXURY PEAK SEASON …………………….,£1,125
LUXURY LOW SEASON …..,,……………..,£999

Quite a lot of golf tour operators will take some low-season green fees, perhaps wrap them up with a budget hotel ‘offer’, and then present them as the dreaded “prices from”. Sure it makes for an eye-catching headline. Faraway Fairways could do the same. The question really though is does this help you at all? Well most golfers probably don’t appreciate having their hopes built up only for them to wade through the detail to discover that the price that caught their attention requires them to comply with all sorts of sub-optimal conditions. Instead we’re using a ‘guide price’ which needn’t be ‘spot on’ but should be close

Highlights – Portmarnock Golf Club, The Island Golf Club, and Portmarnock Links

Duration – 4 days

Travel class – Premier – Portmarnock Resort Hotel

Season – April to October

Transport – Self drive, although chauffeur drive with local taxis works very well for Portmarnock.


Important – Dynamic prices do alter dependent on the choices we make, the month/ week we book for, and in the case of hoteliers that operate revenue yield management models outside of fixed rate contracts, the month/ week of year we process a booking. As a general guideline, the nearer we book to the day of arrival, the more expensive things become

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