St Andrews Open Championship with courses including Lundin, Elie, Crail & Leven Links

Golf with St Andrews Open 2022
– The Character of this tour

Duration – 5 nights or 9 nights
Logistics – Regional single or twin centre; daily ‘back-to-base’ structure
Transport – Self-drive works best.
Mileage – Medium but manageable.
Travel Class – Affordable
Non-Golf offer – Medium (Edinburgh, St Andrews & Fife)

A St Andrews Open is always a little bit special, 2022 promises to be particularly so. The St Andrews Open 2022 marks the 150th edition of golf’s oldest Open championship. It’s a landmark number. Combining playing golf with St Andrews Open 2022 is one every golf fan will doubtless have on their radar. Can it be done? How? and what is the cost?

As you might imagine, securing accommodation in St Andrews itself will be extremely difficult. The top hotels will be accounted for. So too will the B&B’s. We might get some joy on the 25 mile zone but even that will come under severe price pressure, and if we were honest, some of the places might be lacking a little bit in life. After looking over the ground, Faraway Fairways eventually considered that perhaps the best thing to do is base ourselves in Edinburgh and resolve to travel-in each day. What we lose in mileage we get back in character from staying in the Scottish capital

Our chances of getting rounds of golf to complement your spectator experience are also going to be limited. Our best bets lie with the links courses of Fife, and to give the golf an Open Championship theme, so thought we’d seek to try and use those which have performed the task as final Open qualifying venues, Lundin, Elie, Leven and also add Crail. As the clock ticks down however, we’ll find that these quickly become unavailable. Early booking isn’t a marketing ruse. It’s kind of essential

Generating a one size fits all price list is all but impossible. You might elect to simply adopt a spectator experience and nothing more? Alternatively you might seek to combine playing with watching. Some courses will offer early tee-times to permit you the chance to do both on the same day. You might prefer to put your golf days either side of the championship? which in itself of course assumes that you want tickets for all four days? Talking of tickets, this creates another 101 different pricing possibilities as well that if we presented in its entirety would become overwhelming

Faraway Fairways aren’t in a position to offer you the expensive hospitality packages. Instead we’ve built what we might describe as affordable options. The golf with St Andrews Open 2022 is perhaps something a little bit closer to the spirit of the original game, and that means you and the links


The 2021 Open Championship as a Spectator

It might be possible to switch some of the actual golf from the extension onto the mornings of the Open, and play en-route to St Andrews. The longer this decision is left however, the more difficult to arrange it will become


July 13th (W)
Arrival ROYAL BURGESS Edinburgh
July 14th (T)
July 15th (F)
July 16th (S)
July 17th (S)


The Golf Playing Extension.

St Andrews will normally have the Old Course back open for play within 48 hours. Putting our own programme on the back-end of the trip will at least permit us ‘a shot’ (or two) at a round on the Old Course through the ballot


July 18th (M)
LEVEN LINKS Edinburgh St Andrews
July 19th (T)
LUNDIN LINKS St Andrews St Andrews
July 20th (W)
CRAIL Falkland Palace & Fife St Andrews
July 21st (T)
ELIE Edinburgh Edinburgh


golf with the St Andrews Open 2021 golf with the St Andrews Open 2021

Images of LUndin & Elie by Kevin Murray.
To view some of Kevin’s work from around the world [CLICK]
Images of Crail & Leven with thanks to the respective golf clubs

5 or 9 Nights Duration
  • Affordable

ST ANDREWS OLD COURSE BALLOT- Anyone intending to play the Old Course through the ballot should make contingency to add £195. This is paid locally once the result of the draw is known 48 hours before play. It will likely mean forfeiting any provisional reservations to a cancellation, albeit clubs will make every effort to reschedule you should you wish to play

AVAILABILITY OF COURSES - We can reasonably foresee that during Open week demand for the links courses of Fife is going to be high. There is a genuine 'sold-out' threat. Booking early is the best advice we can offer. If we're forced into a retreat from Fife, we'll explore the scope around Edinburgh and possibly the links of East Lothian for the extended stay

NON GOLF ACTIVITY - Non-golfers get more time for non-golf activity than golfers. An asterisk (*) is used on the ‘Non-Golf’ button in the itineraries to indicate where a golfer could reasonably expect to be able to undertake an activity. Anything left unmarked is only practical for non-golfers to undertake. Check the button called ‘What’s Included’ that appears on the final named day ‘tab’ to see if it’s included in a price.

DISCLAIMER - The content of all tours are sold subject to availability and final confirmation of price. We do not speculatively book hotels in advance. Late bookings might be subject to a market led price increment. The prices displayed are strong indicators of what you would expect to pay but can also fluctuate in line with choices people wish to add or omit. Please check what's included. Prices are per person based on two sharing

Royal Burgess

The exclusive west Edinburgh course of Royal Burgess is the oldest golf club in the world with a continuous verifiable history (1735). The course is a parkland layout and makes for an ideal opening afternoons assignment. The 4th and the 11th holes are normally singled out as the most chalenging, the latter even having its very own ‘Swilcan’ bridge. The elegant clubhouse is a joy to the eye as ‘the Burgess’ is soaked in tradition and heritage, and enjoys the advantage of being smack in the heart of Scotland’s capital and so allows you to spend the evening like many traveller before you has


It would perhaps be inappropriate for Faraway Fairways to try and ‘guess’ your precise ticket requirements? There is after all an array of possibilities regarding the numbers of days and the different levels of access. We’d up generating an unwieldy price table were we try and cover every base and possible combinations. The best solution is to make ticket purchase the subject of a separate discussion between us, and to omit them from any price estimates for now

Faraway Fairways can resell a sports ticket in the UK providing we transparently transact it at face value, and so long as it doesn’t involve a sale that is subject to crowd segregation and security (golf’s OK). It won’t take long however before you quickly discover that it is perhaps easier to process this independently and choose tickets to suit you. Faraway Fairways would require details from you to process a transaction anyway. You might just as well provide these direct. In addition, purchasing directly also ensures that the ticket(s) are delivered to you, and misses out the third party agent and hence a potential level of risk where something might go wrong

Ticket types can be viewed and purchased on the following link TICKETS CLICK


Leven Links is steeped in history, one of the oldest links in the world. As you might imagine of such a relic of the early days, Leven is an archetypal links course with fine bents and fescues, humps, bumps, hollows and “wispy” rough and of course a snarling burn! If we were to look for the most quintessential links course in Scotland, Leven would expect to the in the conversation. It’s a bit more than just this though. Leven has long been held in high enough regard for it to have hosted Final Open qualifying on behalf of St Andrews, as well as a number of national championships

Lundin Links, a St Andrews Open qualifying venue

Located on the Fife coast, Lundin rubs shoulders with golf’s aristocrats and has indeed been used as a final qualifying venue for St Andrews Opens. It’s a complex links course with open burns, an internal out of bounds (the old railway line), and strategic bunkering, which presents a challenge for the thinking golfer. Position from the tee rather than distance will yield just rewards on the scorecard. The course remains largely as laid out by James Braid some 100 years ago. The first five holes are in the classic links tradition. Players then cross extinct railway line and play the nine ‘new’ hybrid holes of links and parkland turf. Back across the railway, the last four holes revert to the genuine links tradition.


The Crail Golf Society is the seventh oldest in the world, and always popular. It’s a short, fun course, but its this comparative lack of length which largely frames its appeal. The consequence is that it’s defended by hazard rather than yardage, making it a thinkers track. You have to play shots over rocky bays, hit long par threes with greens perched atop vertical cliffs, and then a return the drive from an elevated tee into fairways laid out invitingly below. Shots to greens seemingly engulfed by gorse, and curving par fours round sandy strands, all dare the golfer to cut off too much. Beware the fifth, no lesser an authority on Scottish golf than Sam Torrance regards ‘Hells Hole’ as the most difficult par 4 in Scotland. If all this wasn’t enough, Crail sits on the eastern tip of the Fife Peninsula and so adds ‘exposure’ to the garrison.


Twenty minutes from St Andrews, Elie sits between two headlands affording players sensational views. Five time Open Championship winner Peter Thomson, summarised Elie thus: “It’s quirky and it’s the most enjoyable course I know. If I had my way I’d build Elie’s all over the world.” Indeed, the first tee features a genuine submarine periscope that allows the starter to peer over a blind hill to the fairway yonder before inviting you to “play away” once it’s clear

Elie is not a course that gives up good scores easily. The patient player who crafts their way around these cultured links will always fare better than the thoughtless bludger who tries to overpower them.

Time to say goodbye

Time, as they say, waits for no man, and sadly we’re no exception. Today it’s time to bid you farewell, hope you enjoyed your stay, and will consider returning soon. Better still, the return match awaits. We’ll ensure you get to your airport for a safe, and comfortable return across the Atlantic, where the benefits of flying east to west will now become apparent, as you land a mere two hours after you took off! Don’t forget to stay in touch through our blog, email, or the social networks, as we update information. Once again, thank you

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