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Golf tours have a degree of fluidity about them given that courses have what they term ‘busy days’ which will restrict access. In most cases these can be spotted in advance and we seek to avoid them (established tournaments and club fixtures). We do adjust the precise running order of itineraries in response, to try and ensure that we appear in an area on their least busy days.

As a general rule, the earlier one books the greater ones chances are of securing everything they want. This advice isn’t a disingenuous piece of marketing that conceals a commercial motive. It’s simply a reflection of the fact that some courses are very popular and there are only so many people a course can accommodate on any given day

Late bookings and minimum numbers

If you wish to make a late booking it’s worth contacting us as we might be able to accommodate you. We are UK based are aware of a few solutions available to us thus. You would normally incur a surcharge on accommodation in line with revised market conditions albeit this needn’t be too punitive. We’d enter into dialogue with you and see what we can do. You don’t know until we try.

Four people per-tour is our optimum minimum number. If your party includes non-golfers as part of a foursome, be prepared to consider the likelihood that a tee-manager will require you to make up a four-ball on some of the more popular courses.

We do take bookings for less than four, and can even accommodate singles. We would normally explore the scope with you for switching a date to a nearby week first however. If this isn’t convenient, then we can still run the tour but you are likely to incur a surcharge in line with transport costs being shared amongst fewer participants. We advise that you budget for this being in region of $250 for a pair, and $500 for a solo player subject to confirmation dependent on the precise nature of a programme

Payment and the deposit

We normally ask for a non-refundable deposit upon booking that varies between 50% and 66% dependent on the nature of the tour, and the payment of the remaining balance 10 weeks before departure.

In the case of customised itineraries the percentage asked for will alter in line with the details of any specific proposal. This will be communicated to you and included in any quote. The objective is to secure the higher risk options otherwise in danger of selling out, which means front loading some payments.

Making a deposit non-refundable is in line with a majority of operators should a client fail to meet the full cost of a tour, or seek to cancel during the process. Sadly this is because we are likely to have incurred expenditure ourselves. We will also have held a clients position on a tour and turned away other applications, and in very rare cases there is a potential issue of vexatious bookings followed by late notice cancellations that we need to deter.

Not all reservations are transferable and therefore require an individual to be nominated by name.

We have a secure external platform. We would encourage you to use the on-line option. We don’t hold your financial details ourselves

Non refundable Deposits

There might however be circumstances whereby we will honour refunds of a deposit or consider it where we aren’t obligated to do so

1: Any ‘cooling off’ period immediately after purchase in line with relevant consumer law

2: Any significant material change to the cost of the “Core” tour that wasn’t communicated when booking it. This only applies to the ‘core’ component, the other items are optional. In a vast majority of cases we will absorb any market moves against us, but very, very occasionally there might be a particularly violent and unforeseen move which we couldn’t have mitigated without having put in place a prohibitively expensive contingency first (whichin most cases we’d never need anyway). Under these conditions we reserve the right to ask for further payment inside of 30 days with your agreement, or offer you the opportunity to cancel and take a refund on the component concerned. A 15% increase is considered “significant”

3: Any significant material change to the composition of the “Core” tour that wasn’t communicated when booking it. This is most likely to apply to a specific golf course being unavailable or possibly a specific hotel if it is deemed material to the integrity of the tour. Clients will be offered an alternative or different date, but we recognise that in some cases a unique component is irreplaceable and dates are not always flexible. This is only likely to occur in the booking and assembly stage

4: If a deposit (or part of) has been committed but is subject to a transferable transaction that the client is able to provide their own replacement for. This needs to be attributable and agreed. A lot of golf courses won’t always permit a transferable name on a booking however

5: Clients who have used us previously can expect that we will look more favourably on their loyalty where it is practical to do so. We have to stop short of specifying exactly what this means however, as it’s really a case by case issue. Any client who we are aware has helped promote our product would normally be regarded more favourably in respect of any discretionary decisions

6: If we’ve wantonly or inadvertently, mis-sold something to the point where it alters the product. Subjective opinion, e.g. ‘the finest golf’, or ‘best hole’ would be considered acceptable marketing. Inconsequential factual error e.g. an historic date would also be exempted, as would reasonable numeric estimates or generalisations

7: Any other legally applicable requirement. We will always seek to explore converting as much of a deposit that we reasonably can into a replacement and salvage something for you (with your agreement). We understand however that this is never easily communicated. We would encourage you to consider the fuller picture however once your understandable disappointment has subsided. As a matter of good practice we would look to offer you a discounted alternative at a later date but the scope for doing this is going to be dictated to by the individual circumstances and anything we can recover on your behalf


Our prices are flexible and do alter in line with market forces. As a general rule (guidance only) the earlier you book something the less expensive it is likely to prove although this needn’t always apply as occasionally a price can fall. A price fall is more the exception than the norm however.

In the event of a clear palpable error in an advertised price we are not bound to sell at the price displayed. A price can be withdrawn or altered according to contract law. The offer of a price is made and needs to be accepted by a consumer and then confirmed by the vendor to complete the transaction.

Surcharges might be incurred where

1 – They are a legal requirement e.g. the introduction of a new tax

2 – Discretionary decisions taken by members of the group. This could involve a change of mind, the introduction of an unscheduled item you wish to include, or an upgrade of some description.

3 – Opportunity that presents itself. This will require client agreement, but should either of us become aware of something that you might like to take advantage of, we normally have the flexibility to propose this along with any associated surcharges involved

4 – Very small group activity. Some activity involves a set cost that needs to be shared by those participating to make it viable. The fewer people involved to share costs the greater threat there is for the unit cost to rise. We accept that we run a commercial risk, but there reaches a point where this is unsustainable and we might find we need to consult you accordingly.

5 – Late Bookings. We don’t look to surcharge purely because someone books late, but the reality is that we will usually be required to pay a higher price ourselves.

6 – Anyone who fails to clear payment of the balance of the total at the appointed time might become liable for a surcharge. This will be determined by the market cost of the items that have not been pre-paid. It is not invoked ‘because’ someone paid late. We do observe reasonable concessions made to time-zones and processing outside of either parties control

7 – We might encounter issues that precipitate us having to switch location in order to secure accommodation, or avoid a localised price spike. We endeavour to inform you of market movements, but there is always a possibility that the low levels of supply in peripheral areas can suddenly be taken up with one big decisive bulk move. This is more likely to affect choice of location than price however.

8 – Where a supplier suddenly invokes an unavoidable and materially significant demand. The golf courses are the principal unswitchable item, and they normally honour prices for the duration of the period advertised. In the case of other suppliers the first resort responsibility would be for us to find a suitable replacement in line with market conditions

9 – They represent a solution to a crisis or incident that could not have reasonably been foreseen or economically mitigated in advance. Although it’s difficult to envisage such circumstances that might involve this, those scenarios where something drastic might occur are normally subject of a recoverable cost. The most likely source would be issues concerning flights or ferries. (see later note).

10 – A client adopts an unconventional journey or route to arrive at a destination. Clients staying outside of our service area might find themselves subject of a similar surcharge if we are unable to accommodate them

11 – European travel tour package regulations state that we can’t introduce a surcharge inside 30 days of arrival

Group bookings

We welcome group bookings. Groups are normally defined by the number of rooms booked per reservation. There is no definitive benchmark as to what this is. Hotels apply their own spreads that typically range from 4 to 16. Some hotels do not extend refund cancellation to groups or only do so under punitive terms that requires 28 days notice and full payment in advance

Cancellation or part cancellation of ‘events’ or ‘tour components’

By the client including in-situ cancellations

Some cancelled activity we will be able to refund. Other areas we simply won’t be able to after a certain cut-off point dependent on which options you’ve chosen to purchase. Clients are advised that the more notice we receive the greater the chances are we can recover costs but the prospects for doing so vary dependent on the nature of the product and circumstances that led to a cancellation.

By ourselves, including third-parties and in-situ cancellations

We try wherever possible to apply reasonableness. A cancellation of a minor support component needn’t damage the overall experience or materially alter the nature of the tour. We usually look to lay-on an acceptable replacement offer. In other cases it might involve a simple refund. These types of things are endemic to foreign travel and happen throughout the industry.

If the component concerned happens to be a defining element of the tour however, it can detract significantly. Under this scenario there would be no prospect of an acceptable alternative taking its place, and we offer you the option of a full refund on that component only.

Our offers are presented as a named place(s) for a specified duration including the specific focus of a tour. We might very well have been able to deliver the named place for the duration advertised, but fail for plausible reasons that fall within the bounds of ‘accepted risk’ on the focus. Under these circumstances we are only liable for refunding the element lost.

We can only assume responsibility for activities that are associated with the specific itineraries that we are directly responsible for. We can’t assume any responsibility for a ‘tourist activity’ that fails to take place that a client might have wanted to attend/ witness, but which isn’t part of our schedules.

Pandemics – amended May 7th 2020

Client cancellation – Faraway Fairways can only consider a refund in line with that which we ourselves are able to recover. We also reserve the right to interpret ‘reasonableness’ with regards to the level of risk when seeking to settle this (as indeed will suppliers). Late notice cancellation when a lot of the assembly costs have already been sunk in the face of a minor outbreak of something which needn’t be prima-facie serious, would be considered as a less reasonable action than one which involved a cancellation in good time against a clear and demonstrably credible outbreak.

Circumstances might exist whereby Faraway Fairways have undertaken a substantial amount of preparatory work scoping out, stress testing, assembling itineraries, as well as preparing documents (full tour briefings) and servicing extensive communications ahead of a trip. Under these conditions the operator reserves the right to retain a proportion of the payment in lieu of time spent. Since different tours generate different demands we can’t apply a blanket percentage for this, but advise that an upper-limit should be in the region of 20%

Operator cancellation – If Faraway Fairways cancel then we endeavour to refund as much of what we can recover on your behalf as we can. Be aware however, that some clients in the pursuit of budget savings will choose less flexible terms (usually on hotels) and that these might not qualify refunds. We become dependent on the ‘goodwill’ of the supplier

Third party cancellations – This occurs if a higher authority e.g. a government of the hosting country, closes down the supply. This is treated the same as an operator cancellation (above).

A problem might develop where some components of the supply were available for use e.g. a golf course, but others weren’t e.g. a hotel. This can occur in the transition process between ‘closing down’ and a full lockdown. Unambiguous full lockdowns are easier to resolve than partial closures. Golf courses are normally fair minded and will re-arrange, but equally many of them would be within their rights under their terms an conditions to apply cancellation penalties if they choose to do so

A government who prevents their citizens from flying, or puts up sufficient barriers so as to deter them from doing so, isn’t treated with the same degree of accommodation as the hosting government closing down supply. Clients who get caught in this arrangement won’t normally qualify for a refund, but we will usually succeed in being able to roll over any payments made as credit into re-arranging a future booking. This might involve the application of a price supplement on some components in line with future date inflation, in other cases some suppliers will honour an existing price and roll it over without penalty. The responsibility to make the travel arrangement is between the client and the airline (or other transport mode).

General Advice – The experience of the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 illustrated that clients who were prepared to reschedule were treated with a greater degree of accommodation by suppliers. We would encourage clients to think in these terms first.

Faraway Fairways seek to settle claims in good faith, but some supply chains are more complex than others and can take time to resolve.

Tour Transfers and Refunds

We try and take a sympathetic view to transfer requests. We don’t levy administrative charges to transfer a tour

The following general guidance regarding the scope for refunds you might expect from cancelling specified components is indicative only as different suppliers have their own terms and conditions

  • Accommodation – A majority of hotels offer a premium charge that entitles you to a refund provided you cancel before 72 hours of arrival and some up to 24 hours beforehand. This is rarely extended to groups who represent a greater risk to the hotelier and are normally given 28 days instead. The premiums vary between different chains, and even between different hotels within the same chain, but will typically be in the region of an extra 15%-30%. Also some hotels won’t make a reservation transferable. In a lot of these cases you wouldn’t be protected by a very late decision to cancel anyway. Our default is not to book a refundable / transferable reservation. If you require such insurance however, you will need to communicate this to us. A ‘refundable/ transferable’ reservation will cost more and be subject of a separate transaction. We recommend that you check your credit-card agreements or any travel insurance you might hold first, as these types of ‘extras’ are sometimes embedded by the issuer.
  • Hotel switches– We reserve the right to switch hotels to a similar grade should it become necessary to do so. We will also endeavour to achieve an upgrade for you at no additional cost if opportunity presents itself to do so. The month of August sees Edinburgh host its world famous ‘arts festival’ and this causes known difficulties. Highland tours can also experience demand spikes and minimum stay terms
  • International Transport – We don’t assume any responsibility for international flights or domestic connections. That contract is between the client and the airline. We will try and support, advise, and facilitate should you encounter disruption on the European end in the name of good service and decency, but there is a limit as to what we can do. We have no leverage over any airline. Similarly, we don’t assume any responsibility for a late arrival or departure that causes you to miss an engagement. If you are particularly concerned about this risk, we would advise you consider travelling a day early. All of our ‘day of arrival’ playing options are feasible with a bit to spare under ‘normal conditions’
  • Transport (road vehicle) – In the case of a group sharing a unit cost within a tour there might be a burden back-passed to the remainder which you will need to honour unless we succeed in replacing your contribution. Factors that determine a final decision are likely to revolve around the amount of notice given, and the level of demand for the item concerned. We will advise what the prevailing implications are of any such request received on a case-by-case basis and allow you to take the final decision. In the event of a whole group cancellation we will normally be able to recover 50% of the cost dependent on how much notice we’re required to give, or how much we receive. This figure is indicative only however and can’t be used as the basis of a refund entitlement claim


  • Culpable negligence – If something happens whereby we’ve caused you to miss an event through the provision of incorrect information or failed to do something that was down to negligence we will accept responsibility and refund that component.We can’t however extend this to misunderstandings where a client has failed to hear or read something correctly, or information passed through a third party. Nor can we extend this to something that was provided in good faith from a demonstrably credible source that subsequently proved to be incorrect. We will have been deemed to have acted reasonably under these circumstances.
  • Unacceptable very poor service/ provision – If you have been the subject of palpably unacceptable very poor provision that was the result of our direct culpability or something negligent we should reasonably have foreseen, and had it within our powers to influence. Provision also requires that we did nothing to mitigate the identified hazard or problem area, or failed to communicate it in advance. This provision is framed within the context of the tour category that you are booked on. That an ‘Affordable’ tour, isn’t a ‘Luxury’ tour is deemed to be self-evident at the time of booking. Something that disappoints, or falls below a certain expectation wouldn’t qualify as being “unacceptably very poor”. We aim to settle anything of this nature through discussion and are not obligated to do so just because someone raises a complaint. The objection has to be demonstrably valid and of sufficient gravity to warrant compensation.
  • Third party activity – We can’t be held directly responsible for things over which we have no influence. Under these circumstances we can only consider a refund in line with what the primary service provider agrees.
  • Weather related golf cancelations – A round of golf can occasionally be cancelled due to adverse weather. Golf is an outdoor sport with ‘known risks’ that both suppliers and participants are deemed to have accepted. Courses normally operate a 100% refund policy for weather related cancellations. We refund everything that we’re able to recover. Disputes are rare, as courses are familiar with the procedure. Some golf courses will honour injury related, or ill-health refunds. We will however be led by local rules in settling these.
  • Other ‘Force Majeure’– By definition these types of cancellations are unforeseen and typically involve things completely outside of either party’s reasonable control. It’s impossible to apply a blanket policy given the breadth of potential coverage in terms of cause and effect.

Full cancellation of Tour and Refunds

Operator cancellation

There are regrettably things over which we simply have little, or no control. Should we be forced into initiating a complete cancellation you are entitled to a full refund which we aim to get to you as quickly as we can.

Client cancellation

We do not routinely refund client cancellations after the 10 week stage as by now we will have made a significant financial commitment ourselves which we won’t be able to recover outside of specific arrangements where supplier cancellation refund policies apply.

There are areas where we might consider refunds in line with statutory obligations or where we feel morally obligated to do so

1 – Any significant material change to the cost of the “Core” tour that wasn’t communicated when booking it. We regard a significant material change in price to be 15% or greater. This only applies to the ‘core’ component, the other items are optional.

2 – If payment (or part of) has been committed but is subject to a transferable transaction that the client is able to provide their own replacement for (provided that any suppliers accept a transferable transaction)

3 – Clients who have used us previously can expect that we will look more favourably on their loyalty where it is practical to do so. We have to stop short of specifying exactly what this means however, as it’s really a case by case issue. Any client who we are aware has helped promote our product would normally be regarded more favourably in respect of any discretionary decisions

4 – If we’ve wantonly or inadvertently mis-sold something to the point where it alters the product. Subjective opinion, e.g. ‘the finest golf’, would be considered acceptable marketing. Inconsequential factual error e.g. an historic date would also be exempted, as would reasonable numeric estimates or generalisations

5 – Any other legal requirement

We don’t draw up a definitive list of circumstances under which we won’t offer refunds in lieu of cancellation and will seek to assess things on a case by case basis however some of the popular reasons that we don’t normally feel obliged to honour include:

  • Change of mind
  • Change of personal circumstances
  • Illness
  • Personal Injury
  • Fear of personal safety/ terrorism

Please note. All products are sold subject to availability and final confirmation

We hope all this wasn’t too prohibitive! Despite what it might sound like, we are on your side, since it is palpably in both of our interests for you to have an enjoyable time

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