Quite a lot of golf tour operators will take some low-season green fees, perhaps wrap them up with a budget hotel ‘offer’, and then present them as the dreaded “prices from”. Sure it makes for an eye-catching headline. Faraway Fairways could do the same. The question really though is does this help you at all? Probably not in most cases. Does it even help us? Well most golfers probably don’t appreciate having their hopes built up only for them to wade through the detail to discover that the price that caught their attention requires them to comply with all sorts of sub-optimal conditions, usually playing in the winter months, and using an accommodation that they’d perhaps rather not do.

In truth, very, very, few golfer’s actually buy package golf vacations off the shelf anyway. It’s far more common for golfers to have their requirements met by way of a bespoke proposal. For all practical purposes then, the price of Scottish golf vacations varies as people add or omit items. All that a majority of people seem to require is an honest, and broad ballpark figure which they can then use as their foundation to build from

Guide price based on four golfers sharing twin rooms
Transport costs based on self-drive and divided by all (chauffeur drive is perfectly viable)


Price Guide –

AFFORDABLE PEAK SEASON (5 nights)………£1,075
AFFORDABLE PEAK SEASON (9 nights)………£1,775

Highlights – St Andrews 2021 Open Championship. Precise ticket arrangements subject to client choice
(tickets not included in price until confirmed)

Also includes – Royal Burgess, Elie, Crail,
Lundin Links and Leven Links

Duration – 5 to 10 Days
(Duration depends on choices made)

Travel class – ‘Affordable’

Season – Mid July 2021

Transport – Self-drive probably works best

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A typical golf programme has three major price components

    THE GOLF (Green fees)

The price guide doesn’t include tickets for the Open Championship at this stage. It would perhaps be inappropriate for Faraway Fairways to try and ‘guess’ your precise ticket requirements? There is after all an array of possibilities regarding the numbers of days and the different levels of access, and consequently the types of combinations you might choose to use. We’d up generating an unwieldy price table were we try and cover every base and possible angle. The best solution is to make ticket purchase the subject of a separate discussion between us, and to omit them from any price estimates for now

Faraway Fairways can resell a sports ticket in the UK providing we transparently transact it at face value, and so long as it doesn’t involve a sale that is subject to crowd segregation and security (golf’s OK). It won’t take long however before you quickly discover that it is perhaps easier to process this independently and choose tickets to suit you. Faraway Fairways would require details from you to process a transaction anyway. You might just as well provide these direct. In addition, purchasing directly also ensures that the ticket(s) are delivered to you, and misses out the third party agent and hence a potential level of risk where something might go wrong

Ticket types can be viewed and purchased on the following link TICKETS CLICK

The cost of green fees tends to be the same for everyone regardless of how we set things up. You might like to think of the golf as ‘static’ therefore. The same is true of transport as well. A fourball party will usually generate a luggage manifest of eight items (4 suitcases and 4 golf bags). This means we tend to use the same transport solution, a 9-seater (9 luggage items) MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) such as a Mercedes Vito. The variation in price tends to come form the accommodation therefore. We think of this as ‘dynamic’ rather than ‘static’.

Significant consideration – It will become increasingly more difficult to secure tee-times for the extended options on the links of Fife as time lapses. We’ve scheduled a majority of the golf for after the Open has finished. This gives us a better chance, and also opens up the possibility of adding the St Andrews Old Course to our programme through the ballot, provided the Links Trust are able to re-open it in line with their plans. Securing favourable tee-times will become particularly acute if you choose adopt early morning play during the Open week itself with the view to the travelling onto St Andrews to watch. The courses chosen range between 5,500 yds (Crail) to 6,600 yds (Lundin) and can be finished in about three hours. It is feasible to adopt and a ‘play and watch’ strategy over a shorter duration, but naturally this means early starts and needing to secure a series of prime, finite tee-times which will eventually run out. If we leave too late and miss the links of Fife, we’re likely to have to make use of some Edinburgh parkland courses insteead

Important – Dynamic prices do alter dependent on the choices we make, the season we book for, and in the case of hoteliers that operate revenue yield management models outside of fixed rate contracts, the time of year we process a booking. As a general guideline, the nearer we book to the day of arrival, the more expensive things become. This particular tour however is pitching straight into a known price spiked window. Whereas we know that the impact of the Open affects the St Andrews market and that of the surrounding area, it will also overspill into Edinburgh eventually too.. We’re hoping that by ‘moving early’ we can avoid the worse of this penalty, but if we leave it late, it will eventually catch up with us


Perhaps the most obvious question is does removing the price of the golf work as an estimate for the cost of a non-golfer? In broad terms, yes it does, it’s a fairly reliable guide but equally, it’s all about ratio’s again between static and dynamic components.

Non-golfers can perhaps generate a few additional costs associated with visitor activities, but unless they’re indulging health spa treatments at some of the resort hotels, these are never comparable in price to a green fee.