The Scots are rightly proud of the fact that they have an accessible and genuinely unique world class golf offer. They do have one regret however, and you hear it time and time again. So many visiting golfers are missing out on so much that Scotland has to offer them. Nearby visitor attractions add easy value to your Scottish golf break. In a lot of cases these are genuine attractions too, (not the sort the tourist industry tags into a programme to pad it out). In the list below Faraway Fairways outline some of them, along with the course(s) that best support them. We also offer you a true indication of journey time to visit. Faraway Fairways have used a 30 minute isochrone from the course by road to select our recommendations, so just take a moment to consider the Non-Golfer’s Scotland and see how easy it is to add some serious value for very little cost to your experience

Non-Golfers Scotland and other visitors

Although Faraway Fairways is a specialist golf tour operator, there is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t help out more generic travellers and visitors with their travel plans or tours, and this is why.

One of our associates is a registered all of Scotland, ‘blue badge guide’. In other words, an expert born out of years of study and exams to reach the required level of knowledge. Blue Badge Guides also benefit from being able to gain you access to some parts of sites that independent members of the public can’t get to. They are also able to secure preferential trade discounts on entrance fees

In reality, many of you booking through an overseas travel agent will likely find they’ve engaged a guide and marked up the price acccordingly. Asking Faraway Fairways to take a look at this for you can therefore represent potential saving as we’re nearer to the point of delivery and run a Scottish overhead! It’s worth asking

Our guide also wears a kilt and plays the bagpipes!


Non-Golfers Scotland
combines with: St Andrews
5 mins
combines with: Gullane & Muirfield
30 mins
combines with: Royal Burgess
15 mins
combines with: Castle Stuart & Nairn
5 mins & 15 mins
combines with: Gleneagles
22 mins
combines with: Castle Stuart
30 mins
combines with: Gleneagles
55 mins mins
Non-Golfers ScotlandAILSA CRAIG
combines with: Turnberry
40 mins (by boat)
combines with: Western Gailes
40 mins
combines with: Carnoustie
30 mins
Non-Golfers ScotlandCRAIL
combines with: Kingsbarns
10 mins
combines with: Brora & Royal Dornoch
10 mins & 20 mins
combines with: Old Moray, Lossiemouth
30 mins
Non-Golfers ScotlandDUNNATTOR CASTLE
combines with: Royal Aberdeen
10 mins
combines with: Turnberry
15 mins
combines with: Carnoustie or Gleneagles
30 mins or 50 mins
Non-Golfers ScotlandRABBIE BURNS TRAIL
combines with: Royal Troon
10 mins
combines with: Royal Portrush
15 mins

Non-Golfer’s in a golfing party – The importance of flexibility

Perhaps the single most important ingredient to successfully integrating Scotland the country, with the golf, is flexibility. The understanding between golfers and non-golfers is often important in this, and particularly with regards to vehicle sharing. Another tip to consider is that non golfers will usually get more time if the golfing party is staying in accommodation close to the course, and not requiring a time delimiting ‘pick up’ after play. Faraway Fairways usually have the flexibility to extend any final decisions you make reasonably late.

Further afield

Prices for non-golf activity

As you might appreciate, although we can embed some non-golf activity in a core price, trying to do so across the board is limiting. This is particularly so where the price is influenced by the number of people who are able to share costs. The best thing to do under these circumstances is simply let us know what you want to do, and how many people you have participating. We’ll sort the rest out for you by way of a quote

How to find the options for the Non Golfer’s Scotland

You will find a button on most days itineraries called ‘Non-golf’. On the final day (the last tab) of each tour itinerary description there is another button called ‘What’s included?’, check this to see if the non-golf activity described is included as part of the ‘core tour’. It’s inevitable that golf players will have less time for non-golf activity, than non-players will. Faraway Fairways have included an asterisk (*) on the ‘Non-Golf’ button, which we think a golfer could reasonably expect to be able to take at least some part in should they choose to. Anything that has been left unmarked is much more likely to be restricted to non-golfers only. We encourage you to be selective in your prioritising. If something is of limited interest to you, disregard it and spend more time on something else. We’d also encourage you to be ambitious with your choices> We will do our best to meet these and only advise that we don’t think something can be done inside a certain timeframe, when we really believe it can’t be!.

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