Golf plus Scotland map

The best way of using with this map is to simply dive in and explore! The icons are clickable for further information The map will slide and expand as you focus in on specific areas of interest. The focus is the non-golf activity and options you have available. Some of the more significant golf courses are shown to assist you making decisions about distance and proximity

Scotland’s world class golf offerings are well documented. To get the absolute best from your experience however, you really ought to consider the country beyond the fairways. You have a combination of inspiring scenery, friendly charismatic cities, a distinct culture, and all wrapped up in a fascinating (and often gruesome) historical narrative

When people tell us they played golf at Castle Stuart but were oblivious to the fact that the battlefield of Culloden was only 3 miles away, we cry. Stirling Castle is only 10 miles from Gleneagles, the same as Glamis is from Carnoustie. When you come to compare notes with other people who’ve played Scotland, it’ll be those of you who made friends with the country who will embraking on the “beginning of a beautiful friendship”

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