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Build a Scottish golf trip

Build a Scottish golf trip here. A keen golfer will have built up a familiarity with these iconic courses over decades. Here’s the rub. They’re actually a lot more accessible than you might think. To start your ball towards the hole, simply tap out your own dream itinerary and Faraway Fairways can start to custom build your golf vacation in Scotland. Faraway Fairways will prepare you a worked-up and costed proposal for your consideration, usually within 48-hours of receipt of email enquiry.


It needn’t be an exhaustive procedure for you to build a Scottish golf trip. We’ve deliberately avoided using limiting check-boxes or mechanisms designed to capture consumer information. Instead we’ve given you a contact form unlimited by word count. Faraway Fairways will be able to give you an indicative estimate very quickly, so you’ll know if you were within your budget or completely off-beam. So it really is as easy as build your own Scottish golf tour


  • Time of year/ target dates
  • Number of people in your party (including any non-golfers)
  • An indication of accommodation class (we can do B&B’s if you want, or even Castles where they’re available!)
  • Golf courses you wish to play (preferably in order of priority)
  • Whether or not you wish to self-drive, part-drive, or be chauffeured
  • Any specific travel requirements or adjustments you need, or any specific places you particularly want to visit


Telephone call (831) 274 8249 to speak with us in the UK
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We are normally available up until midday Pacific


Alternatively, just use the contact email form below. The text box is not restricted by character-count, we don’t require you to register or generate passwords, and we don’t ask for a barrage of unnecessary information either before you can send it! That’s it really, that’s all you need to do


“Someday I hope to bring my grandchildren here to Scotland – not to show them what golf is but what golf isn’t – that it isn’t $200 million resorts and $200,000 membership fees, that it isn’t six hour rounds and three day member-guests, that it isn’t motorized buggies, Cuban cigars, and cashmere headcovers. It’s a game you play simply and honorably, without delay or complaint – where you respect your companions, respect the rules, and respect the ground you walk on. Where on the 18th green you remove your cap and shake hands, maybe just a little humbler and a little wiser than when you began.”
– George Peper summed up the spirit of Scottish links golf when addressing the Fife Golf Association

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