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18 Reasons – why Scotland should be on your ‘Bucket List’ LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK ’15 Shades of Grey’. An ‘arty’ look
at Scotland’s world top-100 rated courses
Our Dream Course – The 18 best holes in Scotland
in any hole number sequence
LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Our Ultimate – 18 Scottish holes
in correct hole number sequence
Our ultimate Scottish par 3 course LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Our ultimate Scottish par 5 course LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Top Ten Scottish Tee Shots LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Scotland’s most extreme golf course,
18 holes to die for!
Classic golf holes – Royal Troon, The ‘Postage Stamp’ LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Classic golf holes – St Andrews, The ‘Road Hole’ LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Classic golf holes – North Berwick, The ‘Redan’. Golf’s most influential par 3 LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Classic golf holes – Carnoustie, 18th, ‘Home’. Drama, theatre and farce, this tension hole has seen the lot LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Classic golf holes – Royal Troon, ‘The Railway Hole’, arguably the most feared assignment in links golf. LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Classics ‘High Noon at Troon’ – the story of 2016 Open Championship, Stenson versus Mickelson. LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
The St Andrews Links Family – St Andrews is more than just the Old Course. Introduce yourself to the other courses in an around the ‘auld grey toon’ LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Guaranteed Old Course Tee-times – What’s involved? and how do I do it? LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Turnberry’s own ‘Amen Corner’ – Take an intimate look at the new stunning ninth, tenth, & eleventh. The finest coastal sequence in golf? LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK The Turnberry Story – Few Scottish golf courses have a more varied and colourful history than the golf course turned word war two bomber base, turned Major Championship venue. Discover more about Turnberry LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
The Greatest Golf Tour on the Planet – We think it combines Scotland with Ireland. We show you why, and suggest that only a select few could possibly access the only other courses capable of challenging it LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Twilight Golf, a Scottish Shangri-La – Why everyone should try and play at least one twilight round on a Scottish golf tour LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Third degree burns – we argue that the Scottish burn is a superior ‘water hazard’ to the man-made lake LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK If You could turn back time – who would you throw the ball to and say “have another go”. We look at three candidates LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Scotland’s Golf Clubhouses – Take a tour of the Clubhouses of Scotland and explore the eclectic mix of architectural character. LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK The Oldest Golf Club in the World – it isn’t the R&A, nor is it the ‘Honourable Company’. It’s Scottish, but the answer is little known LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Cliff-top golf courses – Famed for her links, Scotland has been a bit slow to ‘max’ her cliff-top’ potential. Of all the places however, it’s St Andrews which has been assembling an impressive portfolio LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Look inland –Famed for its seaside links, Scotland does have some inland gems too. Don’t overlook them LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Submarine found on golf course –
A brief look at the quirks of the Elie links
LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Hazard County – a look at some of the difficulties you’ll encounter on a Scottish links course complete with hazard ratings LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Is Carnoustie Sexy? – It might lacks the initial visual impact of St Andrews, but we’ve come to love Carnoustie for being Carnoustie. Why? LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Haunted Golf Courses – The chilling story of Castle Stuart LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Dirt Cheap Transatlantic Flights – a new era begins in June 2017 LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK The 19th Holes of St Andrews –
A quick guide to the pubs of the ‘auld grey toon’
The Lighthouse Family – We take a look at the number of lighthouses that adorn Scotland’s links LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK The Railway Holes – The ‘Iron horse’ was seminal to the games growth in Scotland. We explore the relationship between golf and trains LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
The ‘Open’ or the ‘British’? – Well it started in 1860, we take a look at the contribution made to golf by the Ayrshire links of Prestwick LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK The Story Map of the Open Championship – explore the history as you navigate your way around Scotland seeing when the courses were introduced and when they were dropped LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK
Golf on the Isle of Arran – Exclusive experience. A full day playing four of the best 9-holers in Scotland LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK Wilderness Golf – The ‘next frontier’; connect with the ethereal spirit of golf. A truly exciting possibility is opening up in Scotland’s most remote areas LOGO-BLACK-BACK-CLICK