Premier Inn, ‘The Gyle’, Edinburgh - Edinburgh

The Premier Inn chain consistently out-scores similar offers in this market by some considerable distance. This isn’t confined to Edinburgh, it’s a feature of their performance across the entire country. Indeed, they’ll often succeed in registering better approval ratings than hotels which theoretically come from a higher category

The ‘Edinburgh Park, Gyle’, is a modern and clean hotel. It is a bit peripheral to the city, but as this picture shows (taken from the platform of the tram stop) it is actually remarkably well connected

The ‘Edinburgh Park, Gyle’ hotel is located on the outer ring road, and within two miles of the airport. It is predominantly aimed at the business traveller. As a consequence the standard of service and presentation demanded is of a professionally high standard, but it doesn’t indulge unnecessary ostentation.

The dining area is more intimate than normal for this grade of hotel.

To some extent our use of the ‘Edinburgh Park, Gyle’ might seem a bit odd, but not only is it particularly convenient for transatlantic flights, it has other less obvious advantages. Being on the west of the city the Premier Inn at ‘the Gyle’ is ideally located for a quick ‘get away’ to the Forth Bridge and the kingdom of Fife beyond. What does this mean for the golfer? Well St Andrews, Kingsbarns, and Carnoustie is the answer. Staying at the Gyle also removes any need to fight your way through Edinburgh’s city centre traffic. In addition, the hotel has a large, free, and secure car park

Having conceded that the location is a bit peripheral and of limited of character however, you might easily be forgiven for asking what you’re supposed to do in an evening. Well if you enjoy a bit of drink, then having your own vehicle is something of a limiting factor anyway. This is where the Gyle comes into its own though. A couple of years Edinburgh finally managed to complete a modern tram system. Trams are clean, inexpensive, and frequent. The tram line actually stops no more than 70 yards from the front door of the hotel and can whisk you into central Edinburgh (Prince’s Street) in eighteen minutes flat. You’d be very hard pressed to achieve this in a car.

Trams run until just short of midnight and complete the journey from the hotel to Prince’s Street in 18 minutes. They’re clean, safe, and modern and a great way of avoiding having to use the car

Single Supplements

Even though we have to impose some supplementary surcharges in line with passing costs on, we endeavour to adopt a sincere position that doesn’t seek to penalise such travellers and exploit your situation, occasionally absorbing some of the cost ourselves. Despite our commitment to fair play, there is still ultimately only two bottom-line options:

1: Pay a single traveller supplement
2: If you indicate a willingness, we can attempt to pair you in a twin room

A twin room in a Premier Inn will typically feature at least one double bed, rather than 2 singles. Such is the comfort and frequently low cost, it’s actually worth considering paying the single supplement and having the double room to yourself

It is worth mentioning that a single person will rarely be allowed to play a round of golf solo, and you will almost certainly be required to join a group. This can sometimes work to your advantage though, as you’ll be more flexible.

Cancellation premiums

Most hotels operate a cancellation premium of some description. The amount charged however varies between chains, and even different hotels within the same chain, it also fluctuates with little sense of predictability. In addition, the terms and conditions also differ with 3 days to 24 hours being typical cut-off points beyond which cover is invalidated. Group bookings can find they’re subjected to 28 days given that a hotelier takes a bigger risk accepting such a reservation to a mass cancellation. We try to reserve piecemeal as a result

Our policy is to recover what we can for you, but we are restricted in line with what the hotel offers. It’s always helpful to check the individual hotels T&C’s. We advise you if booking by credit card, to check that you don’t hold an added service item that came when you signed up. This might cover you.

How to get there?

The hotel is one of the most convenient in Edinburgh for the airport making onward travel relatively stress free. If programming a Sat Nav device, use the following postcode: EH12 9HA


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