Premier Inn, Buchanan Galleries - Glasgow

The Premier Inn chain consistently out-scores similar offers in this market by some considerable distance. This isn’t confined to Glasgow, it’s a feature of their performance across the entire country. None of their Central Glasgow options will let you down, but it would be remiss of us not to include the Buchanan Galleries hotel.

The Buchanan Galleries hotel is right in the heart of Glasgow. Unusually for Premier Inn its a tall tower offering commanding views across the city.

The Buchanan Galleries Hotel makes good use of the surface level retail activity to ‘borrow’ additional facilities. The hotel is particularly convenient for Glasgow Central Railway Station, about 400 yds away. At face value this might seem to be of little consequence, but it offers golfers the option of taking the train to play the links of Ayrshire. Prestwick’s first tee is right next to their station, and Troon is only a short taxi ride away

A Premier Inn twin room is unusual in so much as rather than offering guests two single beds, it offers a very comfortable double and a single. ‘One and a half doubles if you like!

If all you require is a very comfortable bed in a modern clean, and safe hotel, (because hotels are where you sleep) then you can achieve a fair saving using Premier Inn’s.

Single Supplements

Even though we have to impose some supplementary surcharges in line with passing costs on, we endeavour to adopt a sincere position that doesn’t seek to penalise such travellers and exploit your situation, occasionally absorbing some of the cost ourselves. Despite our commitment to fair play, there is still ultimately only two bottom-line options:

1: Pay a single traveller supplement
2: If you indicate a willingness, we can attempt to pair you in a twin room

It is worth mentioning that a single person will rarely be allowed to play a round of golf solo, and you will almost certainly be required to join a group. This can sometimes work to your advantage though, as you’ll be more flexible.

Breakfast area overlooking the city below

Cancellation premiums

Most hotels operate a cancellation premium of some description. The amount charged however varies between chains, and even different hotels within the same chain, it also fluctuates with little sense of predictability. In addition, the terms and conditions also differ with 3 days to 24 hours being typical cut-off points beyond which cover is invalidated. Group bookings can find they’re subjected to 28 days given that a hotelier takes a bigger risk accepting such a reservation to a mass cancellation. We try to reserve piecemeal as a result

Our policy is to recover what we can for you, but we are restricted in line with what the hotel offers. It’s always helpful to check the individual hotels T&C’s. We advise you if booking by credit card, to check that you don’t hold an added service item that came when you signed up. This might cover you.

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