Royal Troon Marine Hotel - Troon Irvine

Royal Troon Marine Hotel

The red-bricked Royal Troon Marine Hotel sits adjacent to the course and is one of golfs great old hotels, albeit there is something about it that has seemingly prevented it capturing the eye-line to the same extent as Turnberry, Carnoustie or St Andrews. It’s possibly the case however that on seeing it, you go ‘oh yeah’, as its a reasonably familiar landmark. In any case, wouldn’t we be a little bit concerned about the golf course if the hotel was able to detract from it?

The Marine hotel offers you one of golfs more inspiring (and daunting) breakfast views

It’s also worth noting that Troon has some very welcoming, quality, Bed and Breakfasts, and smaller independent options which we’re always willing to consider as an alternative. Some of these have reputations that out perform the larger hotels. The reason we can’t commit to them by way of a generic offer concerns the limited number of bedrooms. We will alert you to them however if something suitable coincides with your proposed dates

After a tough round on the links, the chance to relax in the pool has probably been earned

Royal Troon Marine Hotel – Single Supplements

Provision for single travellers in the UK could be better. Even though we have to impose some supplementary surcharges in line with passing costs on, we endeavour to adopt a sincere position that doesn’t seek to penalise such travellers and exploit your situation.

Our supplements mirror market moves and will fluctuate, but we deliberately seek to keep them as low as we can, and will occasionally absorb some of the cost ourselves. We positively invite you to check our rates out in the spirit of good faith as the single traveller is a valued customer, but despite our commitment to fair play, there is still ultimately only two bottom-line options:

1: Pay a single traveller supplement
2: If you indicate a willingness, we can attempt to pair you in a twin room

Royal Troon Marine Hotel

The hotel is built on the links and brings you right into the course. It can often feel a bit wild and exposed (and beautiful for it)

It is worth mentioning that a single person will rarely be allowed to play a round of golf solo, and you will almost certainly be required to join a group. This can work to your advantage though, as you’ll be more flexible and more likely to secure tee slots in periods of high demand

Cancellation premiums

Most hotels operate a cancellation premium of some description. The amount charged however varies between chains, and even different hotels within the same chain, it also fluctuates with little sense of predictability. In addition, the terms and conditions also differ with 3 days to 24 hours being typical cut-off points beyond which cover is invalidated. Group bookings can find they’re subjected to 28 days given that a hotelier takes a bigger risk accepting such a reservation to a mass cancellation. We try to reserve piecemeal as a result

Our policy is to recover what we can for you, but we are restricted in line with what the hotel offers. It’s always helpful to check the individual hotels T&C’s. We advise you if booking by credit card, to check that you don’t hold an added service item that came when you signed up. This might cover you.

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