Scotland's best par 5

Compiling these composite courses that everyone seems to enjoy trying to assemble isn’t a new trick. We’ve seen variations on themes, including par 3’s only, but then we figured no one had done a par 5 course. Why? Well perhaps par 5’s are ugly ducklings? They don’t have the charisma of the short assignment, and certainly don’t offer you the ultimate chance of holing out in one. So we felt Faraway Fairways needed to put this right and strike a blow for the par 5’s. We’ve assembled 18 holes based on using the correct hole number on the appropriate course, for what we hope is Scotland’s best par 5 golf holes. As always with this restriction in place, some incredibly fantastic holes were excluded by virtue of sharing a number. Carnoustie’s superb sixth is an obvious casualty, and Castle Stuart’s second would have graced our course too were it not up against Aberdeen’s. A similar dilemma confronted us on number fourteen where the ‘Spectacles’ hole, again at Carnoustie, ran into to a ‘classic’ from the St Andrews Old Course. Basically some holes that we wouldn’t necessarily hold in quite such a high regard can always make the cut therefore, whereas certain hole numbers rarely seemed to support a par 5, just to make things tougher. That’s the nature of the challenge we’re afraid. We suppose the only blessing was that the challenge didn’t require us to actually establish which precise hole was Scotland’s best par 5

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1 TRUMP INTERNATIONAL 541 yds 10 TRUMP TURNBERRY, Dinna Fouter 562 yds
ROYAL ABERDEEN, Pool 554 yds 11 DOWNFIELD, Paddlers Joy 498 yds
3 PRESTWICK, The Cardinal 533 yds 12 KINGSBARNS, Orrdeal 606 yds
4 TRUMP INTERNATIONAL, Blairton Burn 515 yds 13 EYEMOUTH, Hawk Ness 607 yds
5 ST ANDREWS OLD COURSE 570 yds 14 ST ANDREWS, Long 530 yds
CRUDEN BAY, Bluidy Burn 505 yds 15 DURNESS 505 Yds
7 GLENEAGLES QUEENS COURSE, Westlin Wynd 491 yds 16 GLENEAGLES CENTENARY, Lochan loup 543 yds
8 BRORA 501 Yds 17 SPEY VALLEY 523 yds
9 MUIRFIELD 558 yds 18 CASTLE STUART, Home 595 yds


At 10,057 yards this would be no easy par of 90, but we are sympathetic to those of you who find yourself protesting about some of our omissions.


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