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We offer three distinct travel categories, ‘Luxury’, ‘Premier’ and ‘Affordable’

‘Luxury’ options

For the most part these are confined to the resort hotels of golf courses like Gleneagles, Turnberry, Carnoustie and St Andrews. All those named either host Open Championships or major international events such as G8 summits in the case of Gleneagles. In addition to the ‘resorts’, the large cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen also support international standard five-star hotels complete with all trappings with which you’ll be familiar

‘Premier’ options

If you require a degree of luxury that goes beyond ‘comfort’, but stops short of the ostentatious luxury, then we invite you to consider our first-class ‘premier’ options. These are normally 4-star hotels where you can expect the same international standards from this category band. To some extent you get the best of both worlds. There are also a plethora of 4-star hotels throughout the cities of Scotland. You’ll easily be able to base yourself in the more vibrant city locations, as well as resorts.

‘Affordable’ options

If you adhere to the view that all you need from a room is:

  • Somewhere to sleep
  • A comfortable bed
  • en-suite facilities
  • A convenient and central location
  • Good cleanliness
  • A safe environment
  • Attentive and friendly staff
  • and that you’d rather have the money saved in your pocket

……. then you’ll be fine. We trawl reputable on-line customer satisfaction ratings to regularly research, update, and source such accommodation and are constantly on the look-out to beat our previous in the pursuit of improvement. There is a phrase that ‘you get what you pay for’; well in this case we think you get quite a bit more. These hotels are typically the sorts used by ‘Brits’, business travellers, or short duration/ weekend-breaks. If your intention is to ‘get and about’ and then sleep, they have much to merit them
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