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The Nature of Golf Package Tours
Golf is a game of ‘twos’ and ‘fours’. This has implications for how the industry prices things, and the consequent scope for achieving discounts

Group Discounts – Our core packages are priced on two people sharing a twin room (golfing ‘couples’ needn’t worry, a double room is invariably the same price and is therefore inter-changeable). Our transport prices are based on four people sharing a vehicle. Green fees are also based on the standard fourball. As a consequence our core price list already carries a discount factor. Further discounts apply as a group size increases and these are presented using the navigation button below

One Goes for Free – An industry standard is to permit a group organiser, or lead golfer, to undertake a package tour for free in return for providing a group of twelve golfers. Faraway Fairways have reduced this threshold to a group of eight, and in doing so, opened up the possibility of two places for a group of sixteen. Faraway Fairways will pick up the cost of the party’s green fees, accommodations are advertised for the tour in question, and the transport costs material to the completion of the golf tour excluding international air travel. In most cases Faraway Fairways will also pay for breakfast and selected support tourist attractions as specified.

Referral Payment Scheme– Referral partners are paid a commission on block bookings of fours in return for supplying Faraway Fairways with golfing custom. It might be helpful to think of it in terms of an extra income, or another revenue line in a portfolio, rather than a full-time job. The scheme is most likely to suit somebody who has ready access to golfers, or the ability to push a product through social media platforms with a minimum of effort. It’s unlikely to change your life, but it might pay for a holiday, or a consumer good of your desire.

Four, Eight, & Twelve +

A note worth being aware of

Why Book through the UK? – A lot of golf tour operators who sell packages for a country different from that in which they themselves are based will engage a local sub-contractor by way of an on-the-ground tour manager. Faraway Fairways would need to do this if selling packages for the United States for instance. It makes sense. It’s rarely cost viable to fly people around the world attached to a tour group. Operators also underdstand that it’s helpful to have local knowledge in the field to help resolve issues in-situ. Calling a sales office back home to be met by a voicemail at 04.00 in the morning, won’t necessarily do it!

In effect, by purchasing from your own country of origin, you can end up paying twice. In some instances it could even end up being attended to by the same people who offer the same tour themselves, but are engaged to look after you by the company who sold it you! If you purchase at the point of delivery, you will by-pass a layer of cost. We accept of course that not all operators do this, but it’s worth being aware of.

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